Why You Should Give to Charity

Charity foundations

When trying to find a charity to support it can be difficult to choose because there seem to be so many. So what are the best charities to donate to? Most charities can be broken down into seven groups. We will go over them in this article.

  1. Animal charities. This includes wildlife conservation organizations, pet an animal welfare organizations, hunting and fishing conservation groups, and zoos and aquariums.
  2. Environmental charities. The two main subgroups for this kind of charity is environmental conservation and protection and parks and nature centers.
  3. Community development charities. This would include things such as fundraising organizations, community foundations and housing and neighborhood development.
  4. International organizations. These charities usually are based out of one country but actually work in another. This type of charity includes international development NGOs, disaster relief and humanitarian NGOs, peace and human rights NGOs, conservation NGOs and child sponsorship organization.
  5. Health charities. These charities support and treat the sick and disabled, try to find cures for diseases, and promote public awareness. This type of charity includes diseases and disorders, medical services and treatment, medical research to charities and patient and family support charities.
  6. Education charities. These kind of charities take care of students from all age groups and focus on making education more accessible and effective. This would include private elementary, junior high and high schools, universities and colleges, scholarship and financial aid services, school reform and experimental education and support for students teachers and parents.
  7. Arts, culture and humanity charities. This last group of charities work to preserve artistic and cultural legacies and celebrate the arts and our heritage. This includes museums and art galleries, performing arts, libraries and historical societies and public broadcasting and media.

There are a few charities that do not fit within the seven types of charities but for the most part everything can be broken down between the seven categories.

Hopefully the type of charity that you want to support or donate to his class within one of these categories. If not I’m sure it would not be difficult to find out how exactly your particular charity is categorized.

Maybe you weren’t planning on donating and don’t even know why it’s a necessity or wonder what are the best charities to donate to. Let me cover a few reasons donating is beneficial.

  1. Donations are tax deductible. The money you give is tax deductible but also any travelling done for a charity, parking fees or even event fees as long as you haven’t been reimbursed for anything.
  2. You’ll become part of something bigger. It may not seem like you giving much but if everyone gave just a little time or money it would become a lot and could make a huge difference.
  3. Benefit the world’s neediest people. This pretty much says it all. Just $450 can fund an entire fistula surgery to repairs obstetric injuries that happened due to complications at birth.
  4. Feel good It might seem like a selfish reason to do something so selfless but there are medical studies that prove giving to other people can make a person happier with themselves.

These are just a few of many, many reasons to donate clothes, money or time to people in need. So what are the best charities to donate to? The one where your charitable donation could save someone’s life. More info like this.

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