Find the Perfect Match! We Can Make Any Paint or Stain the Color You Are Looking For.

Most DIYers are DIYing because it’s relaxing and enjoyable. You might be surprised to learn that only 39% of DIYers are DIYing for the purpose of saving money. Painters for example, enjoy matching their paint or their deck stains. If you’re a painter, here’s how you can match your paint or stain to the color you’re looking for.


How to match paint


There are a number of options you can try in order to find a paint that matches the color you want. The first option you could try is the eye test. This is best if you’re flexible on the color not needing to be an exact match. You can look at each color and choose one that looks closest to the color that you’re looking for. If instead, you’re looking for an exact match, it’ll help to use more advanced technology.


Apps are able to do almost anything these days. This is no different in the case of helping painters. Large paint stores have now put out paint apps to help you with finding the right match. It’s as easy as a few presses of a button. First thing you have to do is download the app to your smartphone. After that, you just need to get a photo of the painted surface you’re looking to match, and upload the photo to the app. The manufacturers will give the closest color they have to what you’re looking for. It’ll certainly save you time having to get out and look around at different paint stores.


Lastly, if you prefer to have someone else match it for you, your local paint store will help you with that. You can bring a fabric that’s the closest match to the color you want, or a photo of the color. At the store, the staff can use a spectrophotometer. This will breakdown the color into wavelengths in order to find the best combination of paint pigments to recreate your desired color.


How to match stain


Matching stain color can be a little bit more difficult than matching paint. There’s less variety of wood stain in comparison to paint. Nonetheless, it is possible to find a match for your deck staining. Use a stain sample booklet or color wheel next to the color you’re trying to match. Decide on which one most closely resembles it. Sometimes the color you’re looking for may be a mixture of stains. In this case, you can try to mix some stains to see if you get a closer match. After you’ve got what you think is the right match, test it on an extra piece of the wood you’re trying to match. Determine if the color is accurate to you once it’s dried. If it is, you can then apply it.


Whether you’re a local painter or a professional, DIYing can be both a fun and challenging task. All painters should take their time in getting the closest match of paint or stain desired. Use these tips to help you get the perfect match, and create a home that looks beautiful to you.

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