Five Ways to Stay Ahead of the Real Estate Marketing Game

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Did you know that nine out of 10 web users begin their sessions with a Google search? OK, it’s not always Google — sometimes it’s Yahoo, and sometimes it’s Bing — but mostly, it’s Google. As such, if you can tap into the search engine realm, you can get your site seen hundreds (if not thousands) of times more than you would if you weren’t marketing it at all on the Internet. And when you’re running a luxury real estate marketing company, the more visibility you have, the easier it is to sell your property.

Think about it: You’re selling high-end executive condominiums on the waterfront. You’ve got an arsenal of private townhouses two blocks from the city center. Your property is gorgeous inside and out and expertly located. It practically sells itself! But before you can reel in those bites, you have to cast a fairly long line into the water. Here’s how you do it.

Pick a winning website design.

There’s an old saying in web marketing that compares building a website without promoting it to buying a massive billboard in the middle of the desert — no one’s going to see it. In order to capitalize on your real estate offerings, you’ve got to create an engaging site that’s pleasing to the eyes and one that folks will want to visit again and again for information. Talk to a team of pro designers for some ideas.

Go social.

Of course, online brand building is now a double-edged sword. If you’ve got a presence, you’ll be expected to keep it relevant and dynamic. That’s where social media comes in handy. Tweet photos and details about your new luxury condos for sale. Start a post on Facebook asking your fans/potential customers what they’d like to see in an ideal apartment. The more they’re engaged, the more they’re bound to remember you.

Stay fresh.

You can’t post three tweets in three months and expect today’s web-savvy consumers to take you seriously. Devote time to your social media accounts as well as your website’s blog and you might be surprised at how lucrative the ROI actually is. First impressions are everything on the web, so don’t let a buyer’s first thoughts of your site be, “Wow, this is pretty outdated.” Stay relevant and stay fresh.

Expand your reach.

Do you have a base of email subscribers to whom you can send out regular updates? If so, great! If not, get on that immediately. There are days when people won’t be lurking the web for real estate advice, but there aren’t any days where they won’t be checking their emails. A quick note with the latest new luxury condos for sale will help them remember you and your services.

Don’t forget about the personal touch.

As much as everything seems digital these days, there are things that are still quite personal. Open houses, for example, are one of them. Make your in-person negotiating and social skills as wonderful as your online ones. There’s never been anything more powerful than a handshake and a warm smile, after all.

For more information on how to promote and market the new luxury condos in your area, talk to an ad agency or look it up online. References.

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