New Homes v Resale Homes

New homes in suffolk va

Having a hard time choosing between resale homes and new homes to buy on the market? Think that a new construction home is out of reach for your budget? Here are a few of the advantages of new home buying over resale buying that might make your decision a whole lot easier.

Design Flexibility. If you’re buying a new home, you can literally get involved from the ground up. Builders love to work with clients to tweak, modify, or augment existing plans, so that each buyer gets exactly the house they want and need. Plan in a home office, a home theater room, or even flexible spaces — a hobby room now could be a child’s room in the future. Ask your potential builders what kind of customization options they offer.

Efficiency From Day One. Whether or not a builder includes brand new appliances, a new HVAC system is usually a given. And the efficiency of a new HVAC system is further augmented and improved by the new construction — i.e. tight ductwork and freshly-installed insulation — which will help you lower your energy bills right from the start. Compare the average energy bills of 50-year-old resale homes to the average bills of new homes to buy, and the price difference becomes less noticeable.

Peace of Mind. Monetary issues aside, new homes to buy allow you to start living in your home right away, rather than buying the home and spending months to get it just the way you want it, as is the case with many resales. New home buyers appreciate being able to enjoy their home from the moment they arrange their furniture, and not having to “just make do” with things that need to be fixed or remodeled later.

No matter how you look at it, new home buying is a terrific option. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable nest in the city, a suburban retreat, or luxury waterfront homes for sale, you can find a new home that suits your needs, and fits your family’s lifestyle — even if your family hasn’t stopped growing yet. More information like this.

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