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Amish furniture is handcrafted by the Amish in America and is usually made from 100% wood. Amish furniture is usually more traditional style. They do not just sell couches and coffee tables like you might think but actually Amish furniture can extend to a pool house, custom sheds, they even have barns for sale. To give you a little better idea of what Amish furniture can bring to your home I’m going to go over a few things that they sell.

Pool houses They say that most of their buildings can be made into a pool house but the ones they prefer are called ‘Victorian’ or ‘Elite’. These feature a large overhang and a porch but the porch can be optional. Columns, large windows and glass doors are the traditional look of a pool house made here but every piece can be customized or updated to your liking. A pool house can either be made on site, at your location or it can be made and then delivered in one piece to you.

Dog Kennel Dog kennels can be pretty upscale and fancy. The ‘Elite’ dog kennel features light gray paint, white trim, charcoal shingles and black doors. It is eight by 10 shed area, connected to a four by eight insulated box, ending with six by eight run area that has the option of having a chain link fence installed.

Dutch Corner Cupboard When it comes to indoor furniture, there are five collection types to choose from. For the purpose of this article we are looking at the David collection. The dutch corner cupboard is made of oak wood for easy of staining or painting to the owner’s specification. It features 3 open shelves framed by an arch and a door for storage at the bottom.

Weathervanes Weathervanes, just like any other piece of Amish furniture, are mostly made of wood. However, weathervanes do differ slightly as they can also be made out of copper or brass.

These are just a few pieces to give you an idea of the types of things you can buy at an Amish furniture store. These pieces will are beautiful and since they are handmade, no two are going to be exactly alike. Sure, to the naked eye they may seem like that but that is what makes handmade items so rare; the little differences that you could never see unless you look very closely. Of course, you can also have each piece customized to your liking so this will make your furniture even more unique and special.

As far as price goes, you can pay all up front or work out a payment plan for a rent to own deal. What kind of Amish furniture would you buy?

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