Getting Your Child Started on the Right Path, Before Kindergarten


It could be said that the main goal of most parents is to successfully raise their children with the love, steady guidance, and wisdom that it takes to help them find their true paths to becoming the good and kind people that they are capable of being. Simplified down to such a succinct statement does not do the actual journey of being a parent justice. There is so much that goes into every single moment and decision, as you attempt to navigate the world with love and protection.

Yes, there are many books on the subject. But no one has all the answers. Every parent is different, just as every child is. What is most important is the ability, of both the child and the parent, to grow, learn, and evolve a higher understanding with an open mind. Education is a major key in development, and it can start well before your child sets foot in a kindergarten classroom.

Getting started before kindergarten

Kindergarten is going to feel like the place that a lot of your child’s formal education begins. But you have likely already looked into the benefits of preschool as well, and the truth is that your child’s education is already well underway by the time you are looking into finding a good preschool. Studies show that the age range from birth to three years old is the period during which the human brain develops at the fastest rate. Your child has been watching and learning from the very beginning. Education is important, but what is more important is the understanding that a person’s education consists of far more than what is found in a textbook or memorized in a classroom. True, full education encompasses so much more than basic reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Boundless options to choose from

Choosing your child’s education is about more than simply selecting a school. It is about choosing a lifestyle and life perspective that your young one will grow up viewing the world through. Your words and actions are powerful teaching tools. On top of your life being a major guidance for your child, there are multiple other sources for you to consider. Perhaps you have been thinking about checking out a number of private schools, after school programs and activities, or summer camps. With the right mindset, every opportunity can be a learning one.

Special programs for early development

Who doesn’t love summer camp? Some of the best and brightest memories are formed at these camps, and many of these camps offer special disciplines or focuses for children to develop skills and talents. Every single year, there are over 11 million people going to summer camps across the country. And it is more than just great fun. The American Camp Association (ACA) conducted some research into the activities that children participate in at camp. According to the ACA, about 63% of kids who develop a new skill at camp will continue to express interest in the activity after returning home. It is a great place to develop new skill sets, interests, and knowledge.

Private schools are also places that have the means to nurture the best in children. Only about 20% of homes have parks within a half mile, and another one in five homes might have a fitness center or other option for recreation nearby. Many private schools for young kids boast a focus on fitness and wellness, fostering that interest in the children as well, all the while keeping them active and healthy.

Education is key. Doing all that you can to provide the best for your child, including being the best example you possibly can, will go a long way for the overall success and wellbeing of your child. Whether you end up home schooling, finding the perfect private school, public school with extracurricular activities, summer camp, or a mix of all of the above, your child will already be on a great path by the time he or she steps into the kindergarten classroom.

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