Homeowner Association Websites 101

A quarter of the US population and 40 million homes are part of a homeowner association. Keeping the members of your homeowner association up to date and informed on their community is no small task, which is why it’s a smart decision to make a homeowner association website.

Having an HOA website can make your association stand out from the crowd, as aronud 8,000 new HOAs form each year. It can act as a hub for your community to connect with each other and plan events. You can use HOA websites as secure payment platforms for member dues and other expenses, too. An HOA website is a valuable tool for community leaders to use to support their members.

You may also use your website as a knowledgeable source on why HOA’s are so beneficial. For instance, let potential members know that homes in HOA communities have a higher value ($5.88 trillion in 2017). You can also use member reviews on the site to show why 70% of residents rate their overall community association experience as very good or good.

You can set up a homeowners association website or condo website with a software partner, who can ensure everything is satisfactory. Customize your site with your community in mind, and you’re off and running!

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