DIY Potting Soil for Indoor Plants

This video shows you how to make a potting soil mixture yourself at home. This process is simple, cost-effective, and is even pretty fun!

This is the 60-40 method. It is 60% peat moss or coco coir and then 40% of aeration materials and nutrients.

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Coco coir peat (aka coco peat) is the fibre from the outer husk of the coconut, and it is a renewable resource and 100% biodegradable. It is completely eco-friendly option. Like peat moss, adding coco peat to soil also helps with aeration and water retention. Unlike peat moss, coco coir peat needs less water to achieve the same level of hydration. The 40% of nutrition is done with materials like pumice or perlite, as well as worm castings. Castings from composting worms have been recognized as a natural fertilizer that is packed with a lot of nutrients and minerals. Worm castings are also a 100% organic fertilizer that can increase a plant’s yield, protect both soil and plants from diseases, and help the soil retain moisture.

This mixture can be used for almost all plants except succulents. You can play with these proportions of the 60-40 depending on how often you water your plants.


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