How Clothing Donations Help to Support the Troops and the Environment

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It goes without sating that being in the military is tough job that requires an extraordinary amount of commitment, dedication, hard work, and of course sacrifice. Not only are these qualities required of active duty military members, but of their spouses, children and family as well.

It’s common for military families to face unique challenges that, while many civilian families may be able to sympathize with, may find it difficult to truly relate to. For example, any active duty military members often miss holidays with their families, and many times they may even miss the birth of their own children due to frequent, long deployments. In addition, it’s common for military families to carry higher amounts of credit card debt.

Therefore, Uncle Sam wants you to give back in anyway that you can. Everyone has busy schedules nowadays, thanks to work, school, activities, and family time. However, even though you may have a hectic schedule, there are still plenty of ways to give back and show your support for military families.

It’s common for organizations that help military families to receive the majority of their charitable donations during the winter holiday season, however, charity donations can be made all year round. In fact, they’re needed all year round. Perhaps one of the simplest ways to give back when you’re short on time is by making clothing donations.

Donating gently used clothing is perhaps one of the most beneficial and fastest ways to give back to the military community. For example, many veterans face higher rates of unemployment than non-veterans. By donating gently used business casual clothing and professional attire to the military community, you’re helping veterans and spouses of active duty military personnel gain a competitive edge.

Last but not least, clothing donations help the environment — another cause which many Americans are passionate about — be reducing the amount of textile waste and pollution that ends up in landfills.

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