How to Make the Most Money From Your Ranch Property

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Choosing to buy a ranch for sale comes with many responsibilities. Whether you own more than 100,000 acres like the Flying D Ranch that Ted Turner bought in 1988, or if you have a more modest-sized property, knowing how to make improvements to the ranch property is important. Here are some tips to help you improve your ranch real estate once you’ve purchased a ranch for sale.

Grazing Management
Having good grazing management can lead to increased carrying capacity, animal productivity, and better efficiency in labor. As a result, the need for fed feed is greatly reduced. For those who prefer to graze year-round or most of the year, it is best to combine nutrition planning and grazing.

Cattle have the ability to graze in tough conditions. For this reason, help them during extreme weather conditions by feeding them when snow depth or severe crusting makes it impossible to graze. Studies show that light to moderate grazing typically encourages forb production.

Large Herds
Grazing management is easier with large herds as they are more cost-effective. This is because ranchers are able to survive with less fencing and stock water sites. They also improve the efficiency of labor. It is simply easier to check on 500 cows in one herd rather than 500 cows in five herds. Evaluate exactly how much space the ranch for sale you are interested in has and how that will effect your herd size.

Culling Program
When partnered with a low-cost and effective heifer development program, a good culling program can result in very little cow problems. This includes a short calving season with uniform, highly marketable calves. It will also result in reduced need for labor to address cattle issues.

Think of the bigger picture when it comes to marketing your animals. Constantly keep marketing in the back your mind continuously thinking about how to sell each animal to its best use at the highest price. If you, group similar animals together and sell them to your advantage.

Animal Handling
To improve production, practice good animal handling. This will also result in an increase in buyer acceptance of your product and less risk associated with buying and selling. Learn effect techniques to impress your buyers, who will them like your cattle better.

Provided you do not have any conservation easements on your property, you should be able to implement the above tips and begin seeing your business generate revenue. Conservation easements are limitations placed on properties with the intent to preserve the natural resources on the land. With proper grazing management, large herds, a good culling program, good animal handling, and marketing always on the brain, you are sure to be on your way to making the most of any ranch property for sale. Find more.

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