Planning On Building A Home? Here Are Tips For Choosing The Best Location

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What are the benefits of master planned communities? Well, a shorter answer would be…what aren’t? Buying a new home is one of the most involving actions you can take, from choosing modern home designers to crafting your own unique amenities in the process. Master planned community developers are consistently keen on providing home builders of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds the quality resources they need to find a home that will last them for years. However, with a rapidly evolving economic climate and shifting expectations, knowing where to get started can be a daunting task. If you want to get started on your modern home plans, look no further than the comprehensive list below.

Popular States

Every state has something to offer for home builders, thanks in no small part to the bounty of unique landscapes and interesting cities the United States is known for. California is considered a one-stop shop for art enthusiasts and additional states like Washington and Idaho can be ideal for fans of nature. Florida is a particularly apt draw for many due to its incredibly sunny weather, beachside cities and thriving multicultural landscape. Connor Preserve, for example, is a natural area in central Pasco County known for its preserved water management regulations since 2003. Everything from pine flatwood forests to meticulously protected marshes have made this a prime spot for many newcomers to the scene.

Millennials And Homes

Demographics play a significant part in who buys a home and why. Recent surveys, with over 1,500 Millennials participating, have shown 66% preferring suburban locations for their cleanliness and convenience. Another 24% aim for rural and 10% the metro area of inner-city locations. Florida remains a popular location for its multiple tax breaks — it’s one of only seven states that don’t collect individual taxes at the state level, with the others including Washington, Wyoming and Texas. Older populations, on the other hand, more frequently prefer quieter settings and self-sustaining communities. As of now, there are over 30,000 people living in Land O’Lakes Florida.

Useful Factors

A little goes a long way and nobody knows that better than home builders. Where a minor issue can become a big problem, so can a small benefit be the deciding factor in buying new contemporary homes. Storage, space and appliances are easily the top priorities for new home buyers, with nearly 90% in a recent study buying a home with a laundry room. According to another survey by the National Association of REALTORS, over 60% of buyers noted that a home with central air conditioning was highly important and a major deciding factor when browsing the housing market. Staying on top of facts and statistics concerning marketing and housing trends will help immensely when planning your own home.

Planning Your Home

Creating a basic checklist is the first step you need on a journey to invest in the single family homes or self-sustaining community you’ve always dreamed of. The first box on your list should involve your budget — know what to look for in a home concerning how many family members and pets may be involved. Second is the ever involving location, location, location! Did you know that moving to a less expensive state like Florida compared to areas like New York or New Jersey can save you thousands of dollars every year? With a little knowledge on your side, working with a home builder will be a piece of cake. What ideas are you getting for your modern home designs?

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