Just Moved to a New Home? Here’s 9 Upgrades You Can Add

Moving into a new home can be extremely exciting, whether you’re moving into your first home or if you’re simply transitioning to a new residence with your entire family in tow. If you are in the process of moving to a new location and you are eager to get started on home renovations, upgrades, and updates as soon as possible, it’s important to take the time to assess the projects that are most important to you before you begin. The more familiar you become with common household upgrades that are ideal for those moving into a new home, the easier it will be for you to determine which direction you should go in at the time.

1. Upgrade Your Heating

When you are first moving into a home, you will want to conduct a thorough inspection of the residence, including any HVAC system or furnace you have installed and in place. Upgrading your heating system and furnace is a way for you to optimize efficiency while also reducing your monthly electricity bills, depending on the type of solution you choose to go with once you are working with a local heating contractor. Whether you require heating oil for your home’s system or if you are interested in learning more about modernized fully integrated solutions for heat and cool air, you can find the right HVAC company or contractor to work with using online and local resources, depending on your exact needs and current location.

Updating and/or upgrading your new home’s heating system should not be attempted on your own, even if you feel as if you can attempt the repairs or replacement alone. Hiring an HVAC contractor or company is essential as a homeowner to protect your investment and prevent yourself from being held financially or legally liable for anything that may go awry while the HVAC specialists are working on the job. Before you hire an HVAC company or contractor to work anywhere in or around your home, it is also advisable to take the time to verify that any licensing and insurance they present to you is not only legitimate but also active and current.

2. Remodel Your Kitchen

If you consider yourself to be a home cook, and you’re moving into a new house, remodeling and renovating your kitchen may be a top priority. When it comes to kitchen remodeling projects, investing in granite kitchen countertops, energy-efficient appliances, and even new walls and flooring can instantly transform the space, big or small. Once you’ve made up your mind to get started on a remodeling project throughout your kitchen, you will want to work with the right contractors to ensure the job is done right.

Remodeling a kitchen is one of the best ways to improve the value and add appeal to any residence, regardless of the type of house you’re moving into and its current location. Because the kitchen is one of the most used areas of any type of residence, apartment or house, it is extremely valuable once it is time to place a location on the real estate market. If you want to remodel your kitchen, you can do so by brainstorming and planning the project ahead of time to ensure you stick to your budget while hiring the right company or contractor to assist you every step of the way.

3. Clean Your Home’s Exterior

When you are in the process of moving into a new home, you ay also want to take some time to update the house’s exterior before settling in with you and your loved ones. From completing a gutter inspection to power-washing the siding of your new residence, there are a few ways to go about cleaning up your house’s exterior, regardless of the size of your new property. Tending to the exterior of your home can be done on your own if you have experience in gardening or landscaping, but it is always recommended to turn to professionals anytime you require work on your roof, siding, windows, or even the surrounding pavement that is currently on your property.

Cleaning the exterior of any residential or commercial structure can instantly transform the look of the location from the outside, often improving its overall appeal. A clean exterior will also help make a property much more appealing to outsiders, which can increase offers if you choose to sell your investment in the future on the standard real estate market. If you want to maintain the exterior of your house for years, if not decades to come, taking the cleaning and maintenance of your property’s exterior seriously is key.

4. Unpack Everything

Before you get started on any new home remodeling project or renovation you have in mind, it’s important to take some time to unpack and organize everything. Unpacking furnishings and belongings will allow you the opportunity to find a place for the items you own. Once you have unpacked items and furnishings in boxes, you can then tend to more important matters while making each space work for you.

If you are in the process of planning to move to your new house, you may want to work with professional movers, as they can help expedite the process from start to finish. Hiring a professional moving company is a way for you to spend more time focusing on the actual move to your new location without feeling stressed and overwhelmed while thinking about packing and transporting your goods. Professional movers are not only experienced in the industry but they are also licensed and insured, which can protect your belongings and the investment you have made once you are ready to move into your new home.

5. Upgrade Your Doors

Anytime you are moving into a new home that has had previous owners or tenants, you will likely want to upgrade the locks to main doors and entrances. In some cases, you might even feel more comfortable upgrading all entry doors entirely in your new residence, especially if the current doors do not align with the aesthetic you have in mind for your investment. If you want to invest in any type of door for a new house you’ve invested in, you can do so by visiting a local home improvement store or by shopping for the exact door style you’re seeking online.

When you are in the market for new doors for any room in your home, it’s important to research top architectural and design styles that are not only appealing to you but also matching with your house’s current exterior and overall appearance. Research material types, manufacturers, and brand locations to determine which types of doors are optimal for your home’s look and feel. When you’re ready, you can begin researching individual brands for reviews and testimonials along with photos of doors to determine which is the producer of the highest quality doors near you.

6. Ensure Your Water System is Working

When you want to complete upgrades around the house that will add value and appeal to your new investment, consider inspecting the current water system in place. From investing in water softening solutions to searching for reliable water well drilling for a well on your very own property, there are many ways to get involved in the water source in and around your property, regardless of its size and your current location. If you are thinking of inspecting your water system before settling in, you will want to do so with the guidance of a professional by your side every step of the way.

Water drill experts and water system professionals are well-versed in working with residential systems in your area, based on the region you are in and your surrounding climate. Choosing to hire a professional who works in the water industry is one of the fastest ways to learn more about your home’s existing system to determine what types of services and solutions are optimal for you. Drill experts and water softening companies can help you choose what types of systems are right for your new house based on its location, your intentions, and your budget at the time.

7. Install New Floors

Before you move all your furniture and belongings into your new home, you may want to consider investing in and installing new floors. New flooring can transform just about any space in a house, regardless of the area you are working in and the type of room you are attempting to create and build. If you want to install new flooring but you have never done so before as a homeowner, working with a local flooring installation expert and visiting multiple floor stores will provide you with the insight and potential inspiration you need to get started.

Comparing flooring types in person at a flooring store and online is a way for you to discover more about common floor materials and brands today. When searching for floor types and brands online, be sure to use verified testimonials and reviews from authentic customers to find a flooring manufacturer that is not only affordable to you but also prides itself on high-quality flooring and tiles. Even if you do find a type of floor you’re interested in online, it may still be advisable to take a bit of additional time to find the flooring so you can see it in person before placing a massive order to renovate a space in your home.

8. Ensure Your Home is Live in Ready

Anytime you’re moving into a new home, you will want to ensure your home is live-in ready. This can mean completing major renovation projects, such as painting or the installation of new flooring, before bringing in any of your new furniture or even finishing all home renovation projects you have planned ahead of time. Before moving into any new home, you will want to take the time to sweep and inspect each room to determine what more can be done before placing your furniture, unpacking, and getting organized in your brand-new space. If you are seeking inspiration to help determine how to go about unpacking and organizing your belongings, turn to online and local DIY and decor communities to ensure you are on the right track at all times.

9. Upgrade Your Garden

Another project to consider if you’re moving into a new property, and you intend to spend more time working outdoors includes investing in a brand-new raised garden bed. If you have a green thumb or you want to take advantage of the nature and surroundings on your property, you can do so with a garden bed that allows you access to an even greater variety of fruits and vegetables that are seasonal and appropriate for the climate you live in. If you want to create a garden bed that is raised anywhere on your property, but you do not have experience in doing so, you can seek guides with the use of books, help from those you know, and even video tutorials with the use of the internet.

Investing in a garden bed that is raised in your backyard is ideal if you want to minimize the risk of pests or even wild animals infesting your garden and its surrounding area. You can also add a garden bed to numerous areas of your yard for even more access to additional fruits, vegetables, herbs, and in some cases, even medicinal plants, depending on your vision and plans for the yard. Using a garden bed that has been raised will also make it much easier to maintain due to its increased accessibility.

Anytime you are moving into a new home and want to complete various renovations, it’s important to consider which areas are most important to you on your property. The more familiar you become with the layout and spaces in your new house, the easier it will be for you to find the right contractor or company to help you get started with the remodeling project or major renovation you have in mind. When you know what to expect during the process of moving into a new residence, you will find it is much easier to seek the resources and assistance necessary for any type of project, indoors and out.



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