Try These Creative Home Improvement Projects

Have you decided to make improvements to your home? Homeowners often decide to upscale a part of their home. If you’ve decided it’s time to remodel, why not infuse as much personality and creativity as possible into the improvements? Here are some creative home improvement ideas you may decide to try:

Bathroom Repiping

Repiping your bathroom will be an extensive project. It will mean breaking apart the walls of your bathroom. The contractor may also need to break open your floors. The plumber will have to replace the bathroom’s hot and cold-water piping and install new pipes.

To include ideas for creative home improvement as part of a bathroom repiping project, you could decide to hide or embellish the appearance of the new piping system. Try creating a box around the pipes with a surface matching or complementary to the decor of the bathroom. Decorate the box with paint, wallpaper, or tile. If some of your pipes run parallel to the floor, you could build the box and then use the box’s surface as a shelf.

If you don’t mind the appearance of the exposed pipe, you can paint the piping in a complementary color. You could also use a striped or diagonal pattern on the pipes to add color to the room. To be even more creative, use additional pieces of decorative piping to create a unique pipeline pattern in the bathroom. You can even use the pipeline to hang ornaments or other decorations.

Exterior Renovations

Your home’s exterior is the first thing guests or neighbors are likely to notice. If you want to improve your exterior, you can express your creativity with paint, plants, or decorations. You can choose something as simple as placing a series of potted plants on the porch or painting a mural on the side of your home.

Some ideas for creative home improvement features repainting parts of your home. You could make a splash with bright contrasting colors on windowsills, door frames, and other trim. You can paint your front door a bright color. The contrast of the door’s boldness against a neutral house color would have a noticeable impact on its appearance.

Another way to add natural touches to the front of the home is with window boxes full of flowers. Painting the window boxes with a contrasting color will add to the festivity of the flowers. If your house redesign takes place on an extensive part of your exterior, you should consider a scaffold rental during the time you are doing your home improvements.

Septic and Sewage Improvements

Wise homeowners know that although they don’t want your septic systems to be a main topic of conversation, you shouldn’t forget that they exist. It’s essential to work with a professional septic system contractor. You must schedule an annual septic system inspection and arrange for your septic system to be pumped. According to clearpondwater dot com, the septic system should be pumped when the sludge layer reaches 12 inches.

There’s no reason why septic tanks can’t be included in creative home improvement projects. One beautiful way to cover the lid of a septic tank is to place a ground cover over the top. You can then grow drought-tolerant plants or wildflowers with shallow roots. These plants won’t need much tending and will improve your yard’s appearance.

While improving your septic system, you should also check your sump pump. The sump pump is a device that collects and redirects excess water from your basement floor. Sump pumps must typically be replaced every seven to ten years. Contact a professional sump pump replacement service when it’s time for a new pump.

Decorative Concrete

Many materials can be used in and around the house to increase the creativity of your decorating scheme. For example, concrete is a popular choice for flooring. Concrete can be stained to resemble linoleum or tile for a classic look. Concrete is also a popular wall material; its surface can be covered with faux bricks or wooden panels.

The large variety of concrete finishes and stains is a great reason to include concrete in your creative home improvement project. When you use non-reactive water-based paints, you can be sure your floors don’t contain any VOC (volatile organic compounds.) Since VOCs can cause harm to your respiratory and digestive systems, you’ll agree these should be avoided.

You must find a concrete delivery service to use decorative concrete for your home. That service will bring their truck to your home and pour the concrete where you want it. When planning your project, be sure to find out if the concrete delivery service will also apply the stain to your concrete. Get all the details before you accept delivery of the concrete.

Window Treatments

When looking at the windows of your home, you’re looking at opportunities for creative home improvement. Windows can be decorated with blinds, shades, or curtains. You can find thousands of window treatment ideas online, depending on your taste. Some of the most popular types of curtains include floor-length draperies.

Blinds and shades are popular window treatment choices because they can be opened and closed to the extent you prefer. However, some people prefer blinds because parts of the blind’s presence remain visible when they are opened. Blinds are also easy to clean with a vacuum attachment or a blind brush.

Before you finalize your window treatments, tour the offices of some local blinds companies. When you visit these companies, you’ll see some of their selections displayed on Windows. For example, if your décor features curves or flowers, you may prefer honeycomb or cell-shaped blinds.

Mold Remediation

If you discover areas of your home have been damaged by mold, you must contact a mold remediation company to remove the mold. Mold often becomes a problem when a pipe bursts or the home has been flooded. When mold is present, it can be dangerous for people in the house. Mold can cause respiratory problems, headaches, or skin rashes.

When a mold remediation company comes to your home, they will inspect the areas with mold and determine the extent of the problem. They must remove any mold-infested parts of your home (including walls and decorations). Removing the materials can also be risky for the homeowner since mold spores can travel through the air. Therefore, you may need to stay elsewhere while mold remediation occurs.

Once everything has been removed, the mold remediation company must test the home for any remaining mold spores. They will then replace any damaged pipes or broken structures. A contractor can then repair the areas that have been torn out. At this point, you might opt to change the appearance of your rooms as part of your creative home improvement project.

Accessibility Features

If you or someone else in your family has mobility problems, you may want to improve your home’s accessibility. Your first consideration should be to employ open spaces in the living room and throughout the other rooms. Open-space furniture placement should ensure sufficient paths around furniture and up to tables. Home design pros recommend a 5-foot turn radius to prevent bumping into furniture or walls.

If someone in your family has difficulty getting out of chairs, you can purchase power lift chairs. Buying a chair with a motorized lift device may be best if they also have trouble pushing a chair handle. Some of these chairs are leather, but others have beautiful upholstery and can easily blend into your creative home improvement.

If someone in your home has difficulty climbing the stairs, consider using ramps to replace stairs. If a family member is severely impaired, some homeowners prefer to install a residential elevator. An elevator can be especially useful for senior citizens or for people with mobility impairments who would otherwise be bringing laundry or other household items up and down the stairs.

Garage Improvements

Your garage is an ideal place to include in your creative home improvement project. People who are starting a small business may use the garage as their office or showroom. If you transform your garage completely, you can make it into a spare bedroom or children’s playhouse. If you want to lose a few pounds, you can make your garage into a home gym.

The garage doesn’t have to retain the overall décor theme of your home. You can bring your imagination to the garage redesign and make the space your own. You can keep your car and still create a small area on the side for DIY projects. The space could also serve as a tool rack, a homework space, or for art projects.

In addition to redesigning the garage door’s interior, you can also use your creativity on the garage door. You can paint the garage door in a bright color, apply a favorite sports team logo, or paint murals on your garage doors. Your garage and its doors offer many opportunities for creativity – so take advantage of them. Contact one of your local garage door companies and share your creative ideas.

Kitchen Remodeling

You spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It’s not only where you prepare meals; it can also be a place to hang out with friends or family. You might also enjoy using it as a meeting space for a book club or card game. Creative people often use their creativity in their recipes, and decorators can unleash their creative home improvement ideas in the kitchen.

Many decorators today are using alternatives to conventional kitchen cabinets. For example, you could use frosted acrylics that look like windows. Some designers prefer mosaic patterns or wire mesh. People who want to show off their dishes might use open shelving for non-breakable items such as metal pots, canisters, and pans.

Another area of creativity in your kitchen can be used with your countertops. Many homeowners today are using granite or quartz countertops. However, they’re your countertops – so you can choose something significant for you. One style that’s gaining followers is to use of a stainless-steel countertop or reclaimed wood.

Basement Renovation

Your basement can provide almost endless opportunities for creative home improvement. Many basements serve as a home storage area; if you go with that, you could still opt for creative shelving styles. Just as many homeowners decide to use the garage as a spare room, an office, or an art studio, the basement can be used in the same ways.

A home theater room is one idea that gained popularity during the pandemic and remains popular now. You can put a row of comfortable recliners in front of a big-screen TV and enjoy your favorite shows. Sports lovers can cheer on their teams. Reality TV fanatics can watch the latest episodes.

The basement may be a place for you to create and record music. If you’re a photographer, you can convert a basement section into a darkroom. Any of these might suit your needs, and you’ll be free to decorate it in the style you most love.

Landscaping Design

With a beautiful, redecorated home, why not redesign the landscape, too? A well-designed landscape enhances your home and increases your property value. Statistics show prospective buyers notice landscaping, which can raise your home’s resale price by 10 – 20 %.

2 Ensure you’re already taking care of the basics by regularly mowing your lawn and trimming your trees and hedges.

One popular theme for landscaping includes a Zen Garden. You can use a small inlet of the garden and install a koi pond, a tented pagoda, and a Buddha statue. Perhaps you’d prefer an English garden theme with a whitewashed fence and delicate trailing flowers in the garden. There are many garden websites online, and you’ll be able to find the crowning touch to your creative home with a bit of searching.

If you’re a creative person, don’t keep your creative home improvement ideas unspoken. Let every corner of your home tell the world who you are. If you’re already in the process of remodeling, use some of your ideas to make your décor more creative. If not, start with just one room or a corner of a room – and put your creative heart into the place you live.



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