Let’s Get this PartyPlanned?

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No matter the time or season there always seems to be an occasion on the horizon worthy of some celebration. And whether it’s a wedding, Bar Mitzvah, graduation, or sweet sixteen, a party is usually in order. If you’re the guest of said party, then all you have to do is show up and enjoy the festivities and food. If you’re the one throwing the party, however, there may be quite a bit of planning ahead. But with a little organization and coordination, putting on a memorable celebration doesn’t have to be a looming stressful nightmare. Here are three steps to follow to get this party started without the stress.

1) Figure out Crowd Size

Many variables come into play when organizing a party, but at the root of just about all of them is the number of people in attendance. For instance, catering will largely depend on how many mouths there are to feed, and you certainly don’t want a shortage or excess of party favors, if there are any. This is why the first step of throwing a party should be to determine who your guests will be, and how many of them there will be.

The guest lineup and size will vary based on things like the type of celebration, size of family, and even budget. Though it’s unfortunate and sounds a bit crass, not all of your acquaintances will make the cut. At some point the amount of guests needs a ceiling or the party runs the risk of becoming too expensive, too crowded, and/or potentially controversial. Not everyone gets along, after all. Once you and whoever else is involved in planning the gathering come to an agreement on who is and isn’t to be invited, the rest of the planning can commence with a bit more clarity.

2) Choosing the Right Space

Now that you know how many people will be at the party you’ll have a better idea of how large a space will be necessary to fit everyone comfortably. In warmer seasons and areas with nicer weather, an outdoor location is often a good solution for just about any party. The number of weddings held outdoors has been on the rise. An outdoor space offers fresh air and guarantees that noise or overcrowding won’t be an issue.

However, before you rent an area at a park or throw a backyard party, consider that the weather isn’t always predictable or on your side. Event tent rentals are a good solution to this issue. Tents can vary in size and height, offer shade from the sun and a cover from rain if it falls. Tents also provide a place to hang lights to keep the party going when it gets dark out. But if the outdoors isn’t the best fit for your party, consider renting a room at a country club, hotel, or restaurant. There are plenty of places such as these that are perfectly designed for celebratory gatherings.

3) Getting the Party Equipment Together

Once you have a crowd size and space in mind, the last big step is deciding what and how much stuff you’ll need for the party. This includes catering details like hors d’oeuvres (and what allergies to look out for), dinner options, and dessert, as well as the party equipment itself like tents, party favors, props, chairs, screens, and much more. If the party is themed, choosing these supplies is a bit easier.

While some of these party supplies can certainly be purchased, it’s often best to seek a party equipment rental company who specializes in providing the proper equipment for a fair price. These businesses streamline the process of ordering the main party equipment so that you won’t typically need to rent from several different places. Instead, you can one-stop-shop at a single provider. For instance, if you need to rent a tent, tables, chairs, and lights, it’s easiest and cost effective to get them all from one provider.

Beyond these three steps are often little details to consider and deal with. However, this is a good general outline to follow when it’s time to start planning a special event. And when it comes to renting equipment, choosing a caterer, and deciding on the space, always keep cost and value in mind.

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