Top Five Tips For Refurbishing Your Home And Creating The Design You’ve Always Wanted

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What home furnishing styles are you looking to garner for your house or apartment? Furnishing a home is a long-standing art that has long since been held up with countless forms of expression throughout the centuries, combining color with savvy materials to create a beautiful, comfortable environment for families and individuals alike. No two people would want to live in the same space and it’s here that home furnishing styles take root as a must-have for many. If you’re not sure where to get started furnishing a condo or simply want a few tips for a project you’ve already got in the wings, look below at the top tips for furnishing a home.

A Multi-billion Dollar Industry

Home furnishing styles have always been popular in the United States and beyond. Furniture and home furnishing stores alike have generated over $100 billion worth of sales back in 2013, with this figure expected to rise as the combined benefits of ROI and mental health become more widely known. One of the most common and most neglected aspects of choosing furniture is that of materials.

Choose The Right Materials

You’ll never be at a lack of options for choosing the ideal furnishings for your home. Reclaimed wood is generally reclaimed from buildings, bridges and old furniture alike — the term refers to anything that’s considered old and previously modified wood. Barnwood furniture, in particular, is extremely sought after and rightly so. Aged wood has its own particular richness and will give you a plethora of benefits over many, many years. Fine-quality furniture should have less apparent welding, better sanding, better finishing and mechanisms that conceal hardware. Nuts, screws and bolts should all be colored as well as protected from rust.

Take Care Of Your Products

It’s essential to take good care of your products so you don’t lose money in the long run through constant replacements, cleaning and renovations. Keep leather furniture away from any and all heat sources, that of which can dry the leather out and age it faster than necessary — this can be moving them away from heaters or just keeping them out of the light in the window. Plastic, rubber and metal furnishings don’t look as nice as more traditional materials and can tear up your floors — they also have shorter lifespans overall and are widely considered on the lower rung of options to choose from.

It’s Always A Good Time

There’s no need to put off getting the home furnishing styles you’ve been aching for. Valentines Day and Memorial Day are both some of the most popular times for furniture sales, allowing you to save money without sacrificing quality. Remember to measure your room ahead of buying to make sure your new products will properly fit — there’s no shame in asking a representative or design professional for a few tips on installation, layout and composition.

Pick A High Quality Design

When it comes down to it, home furnishing styles should closely match what you want in your day-to-day life. Coastal decor is widely popular throughout the country for its powerful minimalism and visually induced nostalgia for the open sea — you can simulate a water view without the ocean by bringing in items that hearken to the beach, such as sea grass, driftwood textures, sea blues, sandy neutrals, shell crafts and more. Sheer, lightweight curtains also maintain a nice, airy effect. Additional and still popular home furnishing styles also include classic, modern and country. Are you ready to start managing your home furnishing budget today?

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