Make Kitchen Counter Remodeling a Family Activity

If you’re finally ready to upgrade your home kitchen with a new kitchen counter, you don’t have to do the project all on your own. Even if you do plan to do the work yourself, you can make it into a family activity. As you work with your spouse and children to install new kitchen counters, you’ll all gain valuable skills and spend time collaborating as you improve your home.

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After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and projects there can really bring families together.

In the video on this page, the host shows how to replace laminate counter tops with quartz countertops. If you’re interested in a durable, high-quality kitchen counter but don’t want to pay a premium for natural stone, quartz is an excellent choice. These manmade kitchen counters are exceptionally durable and look as beautiful as natural stone. Their only drawback is that they are set in resin that can’t resist heat like natural stone, but if you’re used to laminate countertops, you can just keep your cooking habits the same.

The video will show you how to remove your old kitchen counters and replace them with quartz counters. Be sure to watch it and similar videos in full before you take on the project with your family.

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