Making the Most of Your Small Space

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When furniture shopping for a small space, you need to shop smart, to make sure that you get pieces that will fit into your smaller space, and not take up too much room. It’s important to prioritize in a small space, and realize that you cannot, for example, fit an entire house worth of stuff in a studio apartment. Here are some things to keep in mind when furniture shopping for your small space.

  • Shop Small – Space is at a premium in apartment-living, so it’s important that you make the most of it when selecting furniture for your space. You probably don’t really need that gigantic sectional couch, if it’s going to take up a third of your space. Maybe downsize to a twin bed from a full-size. And do you really need a full-size kitchen table, when a cafe table will do just as well?
  • Double Duty – To make the most of your space, try to select items that will serve more than one purpose. How about a table that can serve as a kitchen counter, dining table, and desk? A futon that can be both couch and bed? Even a bookcase that doubles as a desk. It’s like getting two pieces of furniture in one.
  • Break it Up – Even with a small space like a studio apartment, you can still make it seem like a home, by allotting separate spaces for separate purposes, almost like having separate “rooms.” Separate your sleeping space from your workspace by putting a bookcase in between. Or put your couch in the center of the room, to designate one “wall” of the entertaining space. It may not be a big space, but you can make it seem that way.

The most important tip to consider when furniture shopping for a small space is to plan ahead. You don’t have the luxury of excess space, so you want to carefully plan all of the furniture you will be bringing: measuring the furniture and the space, and even mapping out where you will be placing it. Shop around to local retail furniture stores and look for the best options for your space. The best furniture designs for a small space are planned ahead of time, so there are no worries on move-in day. Read more like this.

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