Selling a Property? Use These Handy Staging Tips for Selling Your Home

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If you’re in the process of selling a property, you’re probably aware of the amount of work it takes to get everything in order. But before the house is ready to go on the market, there is one thing to consider: staging. Staging a home is the process that real estate agents and home sellers use to make the home appear enticing to buyers. This can involve anything from removing clutter to completely redecorating a home.

If you’re in need of staging tips for selling your home before listing and selling a property, you’re in the right place. Here are a few pieces of staging advice to get you started:

  • Clean Your House — Thoroughly. There are plenty of selling a property tips on the internet, but nothing is more crucial than this one. Give your home a good scrubbing from top to bottom. Buyers generally don’t want to walk into a major project right off the bat, unless they’re interested in buying a home to flip it. So take out those scrub brushes and rubber gloves and get to work!
  • Give the Walls a Fresh Coat of Paint. That lime green accent wall in your living room might look great to you, but bright colors and unique decor statements can be a big turn-off to buyers looking for move-in quality homes. Choose neutral tones that are easy on the eye. If you have a bunch of small rooms in your home, you can use tricks when you paint that can make them look bigger. For example, two small adjacent rooms can be painted the same color to give a space more flow.
  • Make the Necessary Repairs. Have a cabinet door you’ve been neglecting? Hiding a hole in the wall with a painting? It’s time to get it fixed. This goes for major repairs, too. If you know that your dishwasher is broken or there’s an entire section of your backyard fence missing, get it fixed if you’re including it in the house. Some buyers don’t mind the “as-is” label you see in multiple real estate listings, but others will see repairs and renovations as an unwanted expenditure along with their down payment and closing costs.
  • Get Clutter Out of the Way. When you’re selling your property, you want to show the home at its best. Having cluttered kitchen counters or kids toys all over the family room can kill the atmosphere for prospective buyers. Make sure that items are stored properly and out of the way. Also, you can divide items up into this easy system: If you don’t need it any more, throw it out or donate it; if you must keep it, put it in storage.

The process of buying and selling property can be a tricky one, but with the right preparation and expert advice, it doesn’t have to be. Talk to your real estate agent about what you can do to prepare for the sale. If possible, get in touch with a home staging professional or ask your agent what types of home DIY projects might increase the chances of a sale. Have more questions about staging a home? Leave a comment below. Read more.

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