5 Home Staging Tips That Are Sure To Sell

moving into a new homeBrowsing a home for sale is more than analyzing storage units and calculating the resale value of the kitchen. Touring a potential new house is an emotional experience. As the one selling the home, you can tap into these emotions with the right staging. Follow these tips to evoke feelings of belonging with your home staging.

  1. Keep it clean (but also lived-in)
    Most people view moving into a new home as a fresh start, so be sure that your home is clean and free of clutter. While you should shampoo your carpets and scrub the bathroom counter, don’t sacrifice the comfort of a lived-in home. Keep the home’s character by leaving objects around. Just keep them organized.
  2. Keep scents in mind
    Smell is one of the most emotional senses, and people certainly consider scents when buying a house. By creating a pleasant-smelling atmosphere, you can make potential buyers feel right at home. Consider using warmer smells in the winter and fresh smells in the summer, setting a seasonal mood.
  3. Re-do your home lighting
    Lights can make or break a room. If your home lighting is too bright or too dim, potential buyers might simply feel “off” about the space. While natural light is generally best, consider how you can create a more comfortable atmosphere with artificial lights as well. This effort could make your house stand out among other homes for sale.
  4. Make small rooms look bigger
    With the rise of the urban housing market, many buyers are thinking small. For example, 20% of buyers want to purchase a townhouse, according to Zillow. But a smaller home doesn’t mean that you need to feel cramped. Consider how you can make small spaces feel bigger. Letting in natural light, hanging mirrors, and switching to a pedestal sink in the bathroom are just a few ways to achieve this.
  5. Select stylish neutral design
    When potential buyers think about moving into a new home, they want to picture themselves there. Keep your paint and furniture neutral enough that buyers can picture their own decor there, but also decorate enough to retain character.

Home buying is a complex process, and selecting the right house can be a difficult decision. By investing in your home staging, you can help direct someone’s home buying decision. If you are having trouble with your staging, your realtor should be able to provide specific tips to get your home sale ready.

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