Sony Remote Control Replacements 3 Reasons to Not Go Universal

Remote control replacement

TV remote controls, surround sound remotes, dvd player remotes. We’ve all have them, and we’ve all lost them at some point. Did you know that approximately half of Americans own 4 or more devices, in their living rooms alone, that require remote controls? So, losing a remote can make life much more difficult. If you’ve already checked your fridge or freezer (4% of lost remotes are actually found there!), then you may need to consider ordering a new remote. The easy solution may sound like running out and buying a universal remote control, but think about all the programming you’ll have to do; not to mention all of the codes you’ll have to look up.

Let’s use a Sony device as an example. Did you know the Sony remote control replacements are often a better way to go than purchasing a universal remote? Here’s why:

1. Programming a Remote: Is there anything more frustrating than fighting with a tv remote replacement? It can be excruciatingly time consuming to go through remote manuals and look up universal remote codes. Did you know original remotes do not ever have to be programmed? In the case of the Sony systems, ordering Sony remote control replacements for your specific devices will save you the aggravation of trying to set up a universal remote.

2. Loss of Features: Your old Sony remote could fast forward your dvds frame by frame, but your new universal Sony replacement remote can’t? That’s because there are true Sony remote control replacements and then there are universal remotes that cannot compensate for brand specific features. Reordering your old remote will ensure you do not lose any special features on your device.

3. Relearning the Controls: Some remotes have buttons with words, others with images. If you buy true Sony remote control replacements for your Sony devices, you won’t need to relearn the button placements or symbol meanings, like you will with universal remotes.

While reordering true manufacturer remote controls may seem like a hassle, this purchase can actually make your life easier in the long run. There is no need to program original remotes, no loss of functionality, and no reason to relearn button placement and symbol terminology. Ordering online can even make this process easier than a trip to your local home supply store.

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