Five Easy Ways to Stop Your Dog from Chewing on TV Remotes

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There are few things that dogs love eating more than television remote controls, and many dog owners will go through several TV remote replacements trying to curb their dog’s appetite for small infrared devices.

Of course, most people would rather nip the problem in the bud instead of spending money on endless replacement television remote controls. Here’s how to stop your dog from chewing on television remote controls in a few simple steps.

  1. Hide Your Remote

    The simplest solution is to just keep your remote hidden. Put it in a high cabinet with a closed door or close the dog out of the TV room using a gate.
  2. Distract Your Dog

    Pay attention to your dog and wait until he goes for the remote. As soon as he starts chewing, make a loud sound (clap your hands, for instance) and say something like “No chew.” Usually, your dog will be startled enough to stop chomping on your remote. While he’s distracted, show him a bone or chew toy that he can play with instead, and praise him when he takes it from you. Eventually, he may associate dropping the remote with being rewarded.
  3. Bribe Your Dog

    If you’re dog has the remote control, tell him to “give” and show him a treat. Your dog will usually figure out that he has to let go of the remote to get the treat. Over time, your dog will start to associate the “give” command with dropping items in his mouth to get a treat.
  4. Exercise Your Dog

    Your dog should have plenty of mental and physical activity throughout the day. When dogs are bored, they start to chew. The more you take your dog outside to walk, run and play, the less he’ll be interested in TV remote controls. You can also keep your dog mentally stimulated with training exercises and food-stuffed toys.
  5. Replace Your Remote

    This one is a little sneaky, but still effective. If you’ve already purchased replacement remotes for your broken ones, take one that’s not working anymore and spray it with a taste deterrent made for dogs. Leave it out and let your dog discover that remotes don’t taste very good.

One of these tips should work for you, but if they don’t, it might be time to take your dog to a professional dog trainer; or just buy a whole box of remote replacements.
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