The Smart Bed is Here the Most Popular Types of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable bed frame

In the United States, people are sleeping worse than ever. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 35% of Americans fail to get enough sleep at night, and there are millions more with chronic sleep disorders.
If you’re interested in exploring new kinds of beds, particularly supportive beds, then adjustable bed systems have something for every sleeping need imaginable. The rise of new types of adjustable beds on the market suggest many people depend on the comforts of a more supportive bed. So what styles of adjustable beds are available in 2016?
Hospital Beds, Therapeutic Beds
When many people think of adjustable beds, they immediately think of the electric beds used in hospital rooms. And while these ancient beds may have been the beginning of the adjustable bed industry, they offer few of the comforts now provided by modern beds.
For certain medical conditions or in-home care, doctors may recommend adjustable therapeutic beds for patients. Other people are looking for relief from painful medical conditions. While many wonder if adjustable beds can help conditions like low back pain or insomnia, few medical studies have yet been done on the medical benefits of different styles of adjustable beds.
Ultimately, according to Spine Health, “It is important to remember that the patient?s personal preference for sleep comfort and back support should ultimately determine which type of bed or mattress is best. There is no single type of bed or mattress that works for all patients.”
Smart Beds, Wi-Fi Enabled Electric Beds
Yes, the 21st century has given rise to the smart bed. Modern adjustable beds have a wide range of settings, allowing sleepers to choose from thousands of potential settings. Not only that, but the best adjustable bed systems also come with wireless two-way remote controls, which allow sleepers to adjust their sleep position using Wi-Fi and a smartphone or tablet.
Memory Foam Adjustable Bed Mattresses
If you’re one of the millions of people that have become obsessed with memory foam mattresses and pillows, then you don’t have to choose between your mattress and styles of adjustable beds. Depending on the style you choose, it should be possible to purchase an adjustable bed designed for memory foam mattresses. Adjustable bed mattresses and memory foam are no longer mutually exclusive.
Massage Beds, Heat Massages
Like something out of a science fiction novel from the 1950s, it’s not only possible to use Wi-Fi to choose from thousands of sleeping positions, it’s also possible to buy twin, queen, and king size adjustable beds with built in heat massage features. For the 86% of people who wake up occasionally because they’re too hot or too cold, a heated massage option might be the answer to finding undisturbed sleep.

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