The Various Student Housing Options During College Years

When thinking of college students and student housing options on campus, the first image that pops into your head is usually that of the dorm. However, the questions of what may be more affordable in the long run or to keep for the long term, there are other local commercial real estate options like apartments and rental homes. Off campus housing choices tend to come along as students make their way out into the world, growing up a little more and finding the ability to choose their own homes shared with friends.

Campus Housing to Off Campus Student Housing Options

Considering the density of most college and university campuses today, there is only so much on campus housing like the dorms. Most students usually choose to stay on campus only for their freshman year, with so many local real estate choices for their remaining time in school. With commercial real estate agents that focus highly on areas surrounding college campuses, apartment complexes meet many housing needs for students all throughout school. Many of those apartment complexes, at least within a certain distance of campus, are meant for rent to students only. Student housing options like this are intended to help for the safety of residents from other potentially risky adult residents.

There is also the option for larger groups of students to rent houses that are near campus. Similar to the many fraternities’ and sororities’ houses usually right on campus, there are often a number of houses close to campus that are purchased at one point by real estate investors for steady rental. Living like a family with close friends made during their college years, student housing options that include a home often provide more collaborative expenses costing each individual student less in bills.

Impression Upon the Real Estate Industry from Student Rental Units

Although there isn’t much that any student would see of the real estate industry while in school, as a student working with real estate agents and property managers looking for the right apartment it may seem appealing as a career as well. Seeing real estate agents that focus on an area of rental properties for students, where they are able to make large commissions, a number of students see this as a potential to enter the work world chasing down the real estate license and the big dollars. While realtors are able to make money off the campus area and student housing options, they are also able to bring successors into their firms to add to the business.

There is so much to see from student housing and what it has to offer for the college kids as well as the real estate industry. With all of the housing options available the college town is a great market for the realtor, while the growth of those towns means the real estate numbers will continue to grow in those areas as well.

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