Taking A Look At The Benefits Of Giving Your Children A Private School Education In The United States

From their preschool years all the way up through their high school graduations, the education of your children is hugely important, as the quality of education that they are able to get in their early years is something that can point them down the right path for years and years to come. There is certainly no doubt about it at all that education is important, and this is why you should consider a private school education even, in many cases, for the preschool years and extending all the way through elementary school, middle school, and high school years as well.

But why private school for preschool and beyond? For one, private school are more popular now than they have ever been before and even make up as much as twenty five percent of the total number of schools found here in the United States. With so many private schools to choose from nowadays, finding the best schools in your neighborhood has become easier now than at any other point throughout the history of education here in the United States. From preschool to high school and everything in between, the options are becoming more and more vast – but still incredibly high quality – with each year that passes us by.

So what makes private schools, from preschool private school through private high schools, so very desirable by so many different people and parents? For one, private schools boast better rates of overall student engagement and levels of interaction, with less than five percent of all private school teachers saying that their schools had a problem with these things. On the contrary, a lack of student involvement is far too common in public schools, with just over twenty percent of all current public school teachers stating that this was, in fact, the case.

The same is true when it comes to parent involvement, with again more than ninety five percent of all private school teachers saying that parent involvement was NOT a problem at their school, and less than five percent of them saying that it was. And again, public school teachers responded far more frequently that it was a concern that they had about the school that they worked at, again more than twenty percent of them saying that this was the case. And this holds true for all levels of schooling, from private preschool and day care centers to the best private elementary schools all the way up to the best private high schools.

And while there are many benefits in, say, a private preschool or private elementary school, the most clearly defined benefits of giving your child or children a private school education can be seen during their high school years. These years are full of change and planning for the future, designed to get kids as prepared as possible for college and, as an extension , their adult lives as well. In too many public schools throughout the country, however, enough time is not able to be dedicated to preparing kids for college, with the average public school guidance counselor typically only able to spend around twenty two percent of their time on college counseling and like subjects with students.

In your typical private school, however, it’s a vastly different experience. In such a school, the high school guidance counselors typically have much smaller caseloads, meaning that they are able to focus more on each individual student. Because of this and a number of other factors, guidance counselors who are employed by a private school are typically able to spend more than half of their time – around fifty five percent of it, to be more precise – on college counseling alone, from going over applications to discussing colleges that might be a good fit for a particular student.

Private school educations have many benefits, and they are not just seen when children get older. Even a private preschool is likely going to be better equipped to foster the growth of your child than the public preschool in your neighborhood in the United States.

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