Three Fun Board Games For Families!

Fall family activities

Fun board games for families are a timeless tradition, which can supplement children’s development, and make them into stronger, better adults. In fact, Armenia recently incorporated chess classes into their schools. Armen Ashtoya, Armenia’s education minister, spoke to Al Jazeera, saying that “Chess develops various skills – leadership capacities, decision-making, strategic planning, logical thinking and responsibility,”… The future of the world depends on such creative leaders who have the capacity to make the right decisions.”

Of course, games don’t have to be so heavy. There are tons of fun board games for families, which can bring them closer together! Here’s a short list of some great, fun board games for families!

1. Quelf.

Quelf summed up in word would be unpredictable. Players choose a silly character, and race towards the center of the board. Each colored square correlates to a card, which demands the player perform a task or answer questions. Quelf will make your friends stand on leg and hop up and down while they tell an embarrassing story, or your sister act like Dracula, or your Mom hide an egg somewhere.

2. Trivial Pursuit for Kids.

The latest edition to the Trivial Pursuit for Kids is jam packed with interesting facts and fun.Players race around the board to collect chips to fill their pie by answering amusing questions. Its categories include “All about Nature;” “Fun and Games;” “Today and Tomorrow;” “Whatever;” “Yesterday;” and “Music, Movies and More.” Kids will learn all sorts of interesting fun, new information, and can also help improve their test taking skills, too!

3. Cranium.

In Cranium, teams will have to work together around the board by performing zany stunts, sculpting with the clay, sketching and acting. Cranium is fast paced, and wonderful for teaching kids about teamwork. Cranium is truly the “whole brain game,” that’ll get kids thinking on their feet and flexing their creative muscles.

There are tons of good family activities and games to play with family out there! If you know of any fun board games for families or other kinds of games for the family, please suggest them in the comments! I’m sure people would love to learn about more fun board games for families! If you have any questions about these fun board games for families, please ask!

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