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If you have recently purchased furniture for your home you are well aware of the ludicrous costs of furniture. In fact, the average cost of a five piece living room set is between 1,200 and 2,200 dollars. Although every homeowner would like to own the best brand name furniture, the fact is the economy in which we live simply does not afford that luxury to many of us.

In fact, after home mortgages and car payments, furnishing their homes is the third biggest investment that most American homeowners will ever make. The good news is there are plenty of options for people with a desire for durable, name brand furniture, but who cannot afford to pay premium, brand name prices. Furniture outlet stores have become popular for budget minded homeowners, because they can offer the lowest prices on quality affordable furniture.

If you are shopping for the best bargains on name brand furniture, the best time to shop is during the first couple months of the new year. This is the time when furniture stores are putting the previous year’s items on clearance. According to the Real Simple website, the month of February is prime time for shoppers looking for quality affordable furniture. The typical discount given on clearance furniture during this time is between 30 to 60 percent. However, even sweeter deals can be had for “as is” floor models, which are usually in mint condition.

While it is not difficult to find furniture stores that sell cheap furniture packages, the best outlet furniture stores can offer huge discounts on brand name designer furniture. The reason furniture outlets can offer deep discount prices is often due to product surplus, or simply to make room for new models.

Obviously, when a furniture has a stock surplus, they have to make room for the furniture that does sell. This usually means slashing prices and putting high quality products on clearance. At times, clearance furniture can be discounted as much as 70 percent off its original retail price!

Whether they are homeowners or renters, everyone take pride in their homes. When it comes to both aesthetics and comfort, the home furnishings homeowners choose will make the most considerable impact. By shopping the bargains available at discount furniture outlets, every homeowner can own the plush, attractive brand name furniture, without paying an arm and a leg.

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  1. I wish I had the money to actually buy some comfy furniture. A nice, plush couch would be nice. There really is a big difference between cheapo furniture and the good stuff, but I can’t see myself spending 1500 bucks on a couch.

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