Want To Peek Into America’s Future? Look To Texas

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If you look at a graph of planet earth’s population, you’ll see a graph shaped like a hockey stick. Because of radical medical breakthroughs in the last 150 years — antibiotics and vaccines to name just two — the population of the planet has been rising exponentially. And as it does, humans have been forced to invent more efficient agricultural technologies, finding new ways to make more food.

In fact, the rising global population will require mankind to produce 70% more food by 2050. And that makes Texas one of the most important states in the union. Sure, California currently leads the nation in agricultural cash receipts, but several other factors make the Lone Star State uniquely placed to represent the United States in the decades to come.

Not only is Texas a part of the changing demographic face of America, with large influxes of both millennial and Hispanic Americans, not only is it one of the largest states electorally, but it’s also a massive hub for agriculture and ranching. Unlike smaller, often family-owned farms, ranches contain vast tracts of land for grazing animals like cattle. And Texas leads the nation in both sales of cattle (and sheep and goats) and farm real estate, making it the epicenter of both farming and ranching.

To give you a sense of perspective, there are nearly 16 million heads of cattle in Texas, almost one for every person in the state. And each year, agriculture related industries generate $36.4 billion to the economy, with one of every seven Texans working in the industry. So as farmland and ranches for sale become a hotter investment with each passing year, Texas is well poised to be a leader in powering the U.S. economy of the future.

And it’s not just farmland and cattle ranches for sale. Luxury ranches are an increasingly popular tourist destination and investment as well. As more of America’s population moves into urban and suburban communities, luxury ranches are a powerful draw for city folk looking for a break from the smartphone lifestyle.

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