How Luxury House Builders Are Making Dreams Come True

Luxury custom home models

We live in the age of ideas, where nearly anybody of any age can contribute to our world in some way. Many of these innovations have made their way into designer home plans, helping families to create the luxury home designs they want. Since contractors charge just 15% to 25% of the total price for building custom home models, nearly everyone can afford the home of their dreams. Here are three home archetypes that offer a little something for everyone.

The Eco-Friend
Luxury house builders know where the majority of monthly expenses go, so they give home buyers plenty of options when it comes to energy-saving alternatives. By replacing traditional conventional heating systems with high-efficiency geothermal systems, homeowners can save 25% to 50% on energy bills every month. Using spray foam insulation over traditional insulation can help to reduce heating costs by half, especially when combined with weather stripping. There are eco-friendly appliances as well, such as convection ovens which cook food 25% faster and use less energy than convention ovens.

The Movie Star
When many people think of luxury or designer homes, they think of mansions, palaces, and estates. Those with Hollywood money can afford Hollywood style. Right now stone bathtubs and infinity pools are some of the most popular luxury amenities available. Other, more traditional options include spa rooms, custom wine cellars and tasting rooms, outdoor kitchens, and vineyards. When it comes to building custom luxury homes, there is no such thing as too much.

The Technophile
How far technology has come in these past few years: we can control televisions, lights, and sounds all from our smartphones. For those who are always connected, there are plenty of options for you in the form of home smart systems. Those with enough money can have luxury house builders connect their entire home–security, electricity, network, entertainment–everything can be connected to your smartphone for complete and total control over your environment. No matter what you’re looking for, custom home plans exist to help build your dream home.

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