Waste Disposal In NYC

Have you ever wondered what it takes to rid NYC of commercial waste disposal and residential waste disposal? When you choose a commercial dumpster rental, what happens to the waste after you fill-up the commercial dumpster rentals? This video will answer many of your questions about commercial waste disposal and residential waste in NYC.

This fascinating video takes you behind the scenes of what happens in commercial garbage disposal service to all the trash. You may be surprised to find that commercial garbage disposal services are actually creating energy from the trash in some of the treatment plants.

Watch as dumpsters are loaded on barges and moved to other states to be processed. Learn some of the innovative ways waste is being handled in NYC. You will also learn about the history of waste management in NYC and how the NYC Department of Sanitation got its start. You will also learn about some of the early mishandling of waste and the consequences of that mishandling.

This is a very informative video that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at where all that trash that is collected in the city winds up. Watch now.

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