Removing Dents from Hail

In this video, you will learn how to remove hail storm dents on your car affordably. If a vehicle has been in a hail storm, it is advisable to take it in for hail damage inspections by an expert. The presenter shares his great find on eBay- a DIY kit for hail storm dent repair that cost him just $51.

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The kit included:
A glue gun.
Glue sticks.
A hammer with a plastic side.
Other equipment to pull out the small and bigger hail dents.
The process begins by heating the glue gun and then applying it to one small plastic piece. It should then be let to dry for about 30 seconds to a minute – longer if in a cold place. Use the pulling device to yank the plastic piece off the dent, spray the glue with a bit of alcohol, and scrap it off. Wipe it clean and notice if the dent is gone or is much smaller. Try the process on another part dent of the car to see the results.

Keep watching the video to find out if the DIY hail storm repair kit worked or if it was better to take in the car for hail damage inspections and repairs.

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