What to Expect From Putting Your Kids in Swim Lessons

The video gives parents tips on teaching younger children to swim. Learning to swim is a skill every child should learn. However, it’s often not the easiest to train your kids. Some children don’t want to put their face in the water due to fear and should not be forced to in the beginning. Parents should focus on floating and teaching their children how to kick. This should be done in the shallow end of the pool and with children supervised closely.

Swim lessons for children ages four to eight should offer distinct levels of teaching, from beginners with no experience to those who have advanced skills. Lessons should teach children how to kick using a tube or board and move through the water.

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They will learn to breathe and put their face in the water, hold their breath, and swim using different swimming strokes. Children should learn to float on their backs and the basics of water safety.

Parents or caregivers should look for a swim program with trained and certified instructors and lifeguards trained in CPR and First Aide certification. Lessons should provide one-on-one attention and work with children’s fear of water. Swim lessons will provide children with the skills to swim safely.

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