What to Know Before Choosing a Preschool

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If it’s time to send your child to preschool, there are a few things you’ll want to know. Especially if the child is your first, you may feel nervous about sending them to preschool. Ask the right questions so that you can have peace of mind and a preschool that truly cares for your child.

One thing to consider is the price. It is a bit obvious, but if this is your first time enrolling a child in preschool, you may be surprised at the different price ranges different preschools offer. Some may ask for $100 per month, and others may charge $250 per week. Figure out what fits with your budget before moving further.

The second thing you want to pay attention to is the curriculum and methods of learning. It isn’t supposed to be a university lecture, but preschool needs to prepare your child for kindergarten and beyond. A common teaching method today is “play-by-learning”, but it’s important to move beyond just the name. Ask them specifics about how the curriculum works day to day to make sure it’s right for your child.

It’s also important to take a tour of the preschool. So much is done digitally these days, and preschools will have photos of their facilities all over their website. It still doesn’t compare to on-the-ground experience. Go to the preschool and make sure it’s a place you feel comfortable sending your child.

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