What to Look for in a Planned Community

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You have decided to purchase a new home. You have narrowed down your housing options to the state of Florida because of its wonderful weather and the tax benefits that it offers to its residents. You have looked at both previously built homes and newly built homes. You were unable to find your ideal home in any of these options. You have decided to have a home built rather than purchase one of the homes for sale in the community you desire. You are aware of all of the benefits that new homes offer and you are now considering what to look for in a planned community.

There are many benefits of master planned communities available to its residents. Master planned communities in Florida are great because of the wonderful weather and the beautiful scenery. Homeowners will also receive tax incentives and benefits just for buying a new home in the state of Florida. Depending on your income level and tax bracket level, this could translate to a lot of tax savings. Moving to Florida from a state like New York can save someone in a high income tax bracket thousands or even millions of dollars in taxes.

There are a few things to consider if you are wondering what to look for in a planned community. Firstly, you want to find new home builders who are willing to design and create the home that you desire. This includes your required square footage, bedroom and bathroom numbers, basement size, backyard size and any other required amenities. All of these factors should be discussed and planned, prior to putting a down payment on the build. You should also decide what type of home you want. Homes are often built out of different materials, for different looks. Many planned community?s offers a more modern home design look.

You should also specify any needed amenities inside of the home. This might include specific amounts of storage space, specific appliances or certain levels of central air conditioning units. In a survey by the National Association of REALTORS, 65% of buyers said a home with central air conditioning was very important. You do not want to move into your newly built and paid for home to find out that central air is not included. You are then required to do additional work to your new home.

You should also consider the features of the community when wondering what to look for in a planned community. You should ask for a completed design plan, prior to purchasing your home. Will there be a community house with events? Will there be a community pool? Will there be sufficient enough space between the different home builds? These are all important things to consider.

Master planned communities can be hard to visually gauge before everything is built. When considering what to look for in a planned community, you should inquire about the type of landscaping and land. In a survey or 1,500 Millennials looking to purchase homes, 66% preferred suburban locations versus 24% rural and 10% in the central city of metro areas. It can be beneficial to inquire about any development plans in the future, after the master planned community is completely built. You may also want to inquire into how many other homes have been purchased, as living in one of the firstly built homes in a community can make it feel more rural than metropolitan.

Florida offers its residents many benefits. They will experience beautiful, sunny weather and high tax benefits. Florida is also home to many master planned communities. Home buyers who consider purchasing a home in a master planned community should consider things such as housing amenities, community building plans and the rate and speed of other home purchases. With the right amount of questions and proper planning, purchasing a home in a newly built master community can offer many benefits.

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