Too Many Houses? Narrow Your Search With Three Steps

Home searching, like many advancements in the current modern age, has been streamlined. No longer do you have to contact the nearest real estate agent for details on any homes for sale. In fact, 92 percent of individuals utilize the internet as their preferred method of house searching. This is thanks to the upfront details and photos that internet users usually have access to; 87 percent find photos, while 84 percent found details. This streamline allows for individuals to narrow their search as well as avoid wasting the time of real estate agents.

What To Look For In A New House

Buying a new house is not an easy matter. It is a very particular balance, especially with entire families, that requires satisfying every individual involved in the process. This narrowing of the search has led many to find it the most difficult struggle for finding new houses, as much as 52 percent according to the National Association of Realtors.

However, do not let that discourage you; all is not lost! While many wouldn’t like to narrow their search even further, expectations need to be tempered because it may look pretty on the outside, but a serious problem can easily be lurking underneath. What to look for in a new house can be narrowed down to three categories: the roof, structure and land, and plumbing.

The roof is the shield atop your home; a valiant umbrella that keeps your head protected from the weather. But before stepping foot in that house, examine the roof; look for slopes, damage and even crumbling shingles.

The structure should be examined in the same manner as the roof. You could have a good roof, but crumbling walls could bring that roof down on you. Obviously, you’ll want to avoid that. However, you should also examine the surrounding land the house resides on. Are you in a flood location? Or maybe you’re in a common area that wildfires hit often.

Lastly, the plumbing. Look under sinks, exposed pipes, water marks on walls and ceilings, mold under sinks. These are money pits, and worse, health hazards especially for kids and the elderly. Avoid it like it’s the plague.

On a side note, don’t pass on a house strictly on its aesthetically ugly nature. If the house is hitting all its marks in the categories mentioned above, a new coat of paint can easily fix the unsightly aesthetic and place it firmly in the category of “what to look for in a new house.”

If you’re looking for a popular location to start with, why not try the sandy beaches and warm weather of Florida? Every day 1,000 individuals move to Florida simply because of their boasted 1,200 miles of beaches along with 1,800 miles of coastline. And you wouldn’t have to look hard! Right now, 7.42 million homes and apartments are awaiting for someone to breathe life into its walls.

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