What You Need to Know About an HVAC Installation

This video discusses the differences between HVAC installation and HVAC services or projects. Every person needs to know the difference between the two to make the most beneficial choices when considering work projects.

Installation work is not any better or worse than the various HVAC projects and services.

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It’s just a different aspect of the HVAC realm. Installation generally involves more physical labor than service. The technician may have to perform ductwork or fabrications, and those tasks will require much more strength than something like a quick filter replacement.

The service end of HVAC work is typically more mentally demanding than the installation part. The strain on the mind usually occurs when the technician has to solve complex problems and investigate certain issues. The diagnostic side of it can be mentally taxing, and then the technician can also have issues communicating with the customer to resolve the issue.

A technician usually has a fixed schedule to perform installations. However, the service side of HVAC is more likely to have an unpredictable schedule. This schedule may include working nights and weekends, which may be unfavorable to some people. The video talks about various differences between the two areas of HVAC work.

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