Corner Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Are you looking for ideas for corner kitchen cabinet design? Corner kitchen cabinets are the most remote space in your kitchen. This space can still be utilized efficiently with the right design.

Open L-shaped shelves in the corner are both aesthetic and functional, solving the corner access problem very easily. You can use these shelves to display your collection of fine pottery or store spices in pretty jars for easy access while cooking.

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Corner diagonal cabinets maximize storage space with open cubbies for a microwave, small TV and cookbooks. Instead of wasted corner counter space, this kitchen cabinet design features an extra drawer for utensils. Instead of going around through disorganized pots and pans, consider installing blind corner shelving. By adding two easy-access shelves to the inside of the cabinet, you can keep your dishware tidy and in close reach. You could also use the corner cabinets to store the trash. Lower corner kitchen cabinets have more depth and storage space, but this often goes wasted due to poor reach. This issue can easily be solved by implementing corner waste bin storage. Lastly, you can install corner floating shelves. Since floating shelves are available in a variety of sizes and styles, there is an option for every budget and kitchen style.


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