How to Avoid Losing Remote Controls

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Back when television remote controls were attached to TVs with a wire, no one had to worry about losing their TV remote controls or having to shop for replacement remotes. Of course, the wire model gave way to the more convenient wireless remote starting with the Flashmatic in 1955, but that ushered in a new era of problems.

The average American home contains 2.24 television sets, and over 50% of American families have four or more devices that require remotes to operate. We’re more reliant on Blu-ray, DVD and television remote controls than ever, but they’re only getting easier to lose.

So how can you avoid losing your remotes?

There are a few tricks you can try until you find something that works for you. The simplest solution is to have a single place where remotes are placed after being used. But not everyone in the family will remember to put the remotes back, and it’s not unheard of to walk into another room holding a remote and forget.

If you need a little extra reinforcement, try using color-coded electrical tape to designate spots for each remote, or invest in a small coffee-table organizer. Some places sell pouches for remotes that you can sling over the arm of your couch. Even being a little more conscious about where your television remote controls are can help.

You can also go old school and attach your remote to a piece of string or wire. Just having it attached to something like an end table or a couch can make it much easier to find. Strips of velcro work too, since your remotes will be less likely to be knocked under something or into a garbage can.

You can also stock up on replacement remote controls identical to the remotes you already own. That way when you lose a remote you can just whip out your TV remote codes and program a new remote.

Losing remotes doesn’t have to be a part of life. Try creative solutions to keep your remotes on hand at all times! Find more.

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