Which Charity Organizations Should You Donate Clothing to This Holiday Season?

Clothes donation

The holiday season is almost here, and although it will end before you know it, the winter will continue for a couple more months after that. In many parts of the United States, that means cold weather, which spells trouble for those who don’t have proper shelter or clothing.

While monetary donations to homeless shelters and other charity organizations that aid in housing are a great idea, there is another type of donation you can give that will help the less fortunate during the winter: gently used clothing donations. Clothing donations serve several purposes. They can be used to clothe the needy, be sold in thrift stores to collect proceeds to benefit the disadvantaged, and be recycled to preserve the planet.

If you would like to give clothing this holiday season, but you’re not sure where to start, here are three types of charity organizations that will appreciate what you have to give:

Military and Veterans Charities
Today there are millions of active and retired military members and their families who could use help, especially around the holidays. In addition to clothing donations, many of these charities also look for donations of new toys as gifts for the holidays. Find out if there are any military and veteran charities in your area, especially those that help out wounded and disabled veterans.

Family and Children’s Charities
It’s an unfortunate fact that many families are unable to afford what they need for the holidays. Giving clothing donations, especially for children in need, is a great way to help these families. Most needed during the winter are items such as coats, hats, scarves, mittens and gloves, and boots, plus warmer garments like sweaters and sweatshirts, so be sure to give those if you have them.

Green Charities
Finally, many charities today will use whatever they can get to ensure that nothing heads to the landfill. Many green charities will give away as much as they can before deciding to sell their clothing in thrift stores or recycle it. As much as 20% of clothing donated gets sold in secondhand shops, and virtually all clothing donations can be either salvaged or recycled.

Above all, make sure to look into local charity organizations first. There’s a good chance that there are people right in your area who need help, and donating to a local cause is a great way to help out. Do you have suggestions for donating or questions about giving? Leave a comment below.

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