Who Plays Video Games In The United States?

Video games are very popular throughout the United States. People of all ages and genders are interested in both playing and learning how to make a small video game themselves. They might keep up with current gaming news or be the first to try the computer it game of the day. Video games have their own subcultures, so there is something for everybody to enjoy. Whether they are into new video games today or prefer the classics, they can find plenty of friends who are into the same things.

Minecraft is a very popular video game with both adults and children. People make their own servers and play the game together. This lets them customize their experience and make it exactly what they want it to be. The best modded Minecraft server hosting will allow people to change all sorts of small details in order to get what they want. While it might cost some money to do, many people are willing to spend that money on their hobby. It is a worthwhile expense to them.

For the more than one hundred and fifty million people in the United States who play video games on a regular basis, comfort is key during video gaming sessions. Sitting in uncomfortable seating can not only reduce your enjoyment of your game, but also cause some significant back pain related issues, such as strain and poor posture from sitting in an incorrect positions. Giant beanbag chairs can provide the solution to comfortable seating, as giant beanbag chairs are nothing if not comfortable. Giant beanbag chairs are also relatively inexpensive as well as easily transportable, making it easy to play a video game anywhere you are.

Playing video games, both purely for fun and competitively, is an increasingly common pastime throughout the United States (and even beyond it as well). In fact, at least eighty percent of households old one video game controller, if not more than one gaming device or platform (for instance, some people game both using a PC computer as well as a more traditional gaming console). Women and men play video games at a relatively equal percentage, with women buying forty percent of all video games and men buying slightly more, representing sixty percent of the video gaming population. Though giant bean bag chairs are loved by children, a nice bean bag chair is a suitable seat for an adult gamer as well. In fact, of adults in the United States, up to ten percent self identify as video game player and the average age of a video gamer in the United States is thirty five, far from the realm of childhood.

Video gaming has become more and more of a social activity since its origin, as technology has advanced over the years and found new and innovative ways to connect with others during a video game. In fact, just under half of all regular video game players engage with others in at least one social game. As the average video gamer in the Untied States has been playing video games regularly for at least thirteen years if not more, many of these gamers have welcomed the innovation and opportunity to make real human connections through the mutual interest and discussion of a video game or gaming platform.

On average, a video gamer will play nearly seven hours a week on a social video game, necessitating the need for a comfortable seat to sit in while gaming. Giant beanbag chairs represent such a seat, and though some may not be sold on purchasing a bean bag immediately, many are swayed after realizing how many varieties bean bag chairs come in, from corduroy bean bag chairs to cute bean bag chairs (some bean bag chairs even fit both categories). As playing video games becomes more and more of a social experience, people will continue to devote more and more time to it. This means that they must have adequate seating and be comfortable during all of their video gaming hours or else risk issues like poor posture and even chronic back pain. Giant beanbag chairs are a great way to avoid these problems.


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