Why Every Neighborhood Should Have A Playground

Outdoor park benches

Playgrounds are important places, even if they might not seem so at first glance. They can contain any number of different equipment types, from dog agility equipment kits to a plastic tire swing, and appeal to many different demographics of people (and their animals). Pet owners, parents, and children of all ages love playgrounds, and a well maintained playground can easily find itself the center of any community. While not all playgrounds are pet friendly, more and more are including items like dog agility equipment kits and a dog park fire hydrant in addition to the typical playground equipment. If the regular playground does not allow dogs, most neighborhoods will also have a dog park where dog owners can bring their pets, and any dog park certainly benefits from dog agility equipment kits and a dog park fire hydrant. Many parks and playgrounds have also begun to appeal to adults as well, as some have now included and installed cross fit training areas, equipment geared towards exercise routines for adult patrons of the playground.

It can be argued, however, that playgrounds have the biggest positive impact on children, especially in this day and age. Many parents now worry about their children’s exposure to electronic devices, with two thirds of all surveyed parents responding with concern over how much time their kids now spend on an electronic device, if not multiple electronic devices. Playgrounds are one way to get kids outside and playing. Though most parents (over 80% of all surveyed parents) agree that it is important for children to be technologically literate, the majority – around 90% – also agree that it is beneficial for children to experience a lot of their childhood playing outside. Parks are perfect for this, providing a safe space for children to play with minimal interaction from adults, letting them form friendships, get the recommended physical activity that now less than one third of all children regularly get, and grow their imaginations. The type of play typically done on a playground has been found to stimulate brain function and development, and this type of play also helps to stimulate the development of gross motor skills. Gross motor skills are crucial to brain development as well, and it has been found that children who don’t get enough gross motor skill stimulation in the first six years of life work with a deficit of the brain function they could have had. Park playground equipment can help with the development of not only gross motor skills, but fine motor skills as well. Fine motor skills are equally as important, and if a child does not adequately develop them in their first five years, they likely never will.

From dog agility equipment kits to a swing seat or tire swing – or even a cross fit training area – playgrounds appeal to a wide variety of people. Playground are for everyone, but they are particularly important to the development and growth of our children’s minds and bodies. Playing on a playground can have a positive affect on brain development as well as the development of gross and fine motor skills. Playgrounds and other places like dog parks with dog agility equipment kits can have a positive social impact as well, making them important places in any community.

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