Your Guide to Giving Household Donations to Charity

Clothes donations

By now, most people know that clothing donations are the greenest and most generous way to help their communities. Diverting clothing donations from the landfill to the closets of people in need helps eliminate around 12 million tons of waste each year and contributes to the 4.7 billion pounds of clothing donated annually. But in addition to receiving gently used clothing donations, charity organizations are also on the lookout for household items that can be reused or repurposed.

Which types of household donations can go to charity? Here are just a few items you may have that can go to a better home:

  • Furniture: When it comes to furnishing a home, many families are unable to afford the high costs of furniture today. Many Americans who are more well off find themselves spending more as the economy improves, and as a result, they’re ready to dump their old furniture. If you’ve recently bought new furniture, don’t put the old stuff out to the curb just yet. See if you can donate to a local organization in order to help furnish a home for a struggling family.
  • Appliances: Just as with household donations of furniture, the same goes for appliances. Many families want to replace the old, white appliances they bought years ago with stainless steel and other stylish designs. Additionally, many smaller items like microwaves, toasters, blenders, and coffee makers might also get thrown out for a kitchen makeover. Whether you’re ditching the big appliances or replacing smaller kitchen gadgets, see if you can give any items still in good working order to charity.
  • Electronics: Consumer electronics ranging from computers and cell phones to televisions and DVD players represent some of the most reusable items in the average home. But many people ditch the old models in favor of upgrading to the latest and greatest technology. This creates unnecessary electronic waste throughout the world, which leads to dangerous levels of pollution. If you’re considering swapping out your home’s electronics, see if you can give your old items to a service that refurbish and donate them to people and organizations in need.

Are you interested in helping families in need with your household donations? Ask your local organizations what they need from community members and give accordingly. You can also ask about donation pick up and drop off options with that charity. Have more questions? Leave a comment below.

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