You Can Make a Difference for Military Veterans!

Donations for non profit organizations

Do you know that the typical American discards nearly 70 lbs. of clothing, towels, drapery, bedding, and various other textiles annually? Considering the fact that there are tens of thousands of needy Americans, couple with problems of pollution, people would be far better donating their used clothing to less fortunate people, wounded veterans charities, or helping military families.

While the best charities to donate to are always helping families in need via purple heart clothing donation, wounded veterans charities, and other local clothing donations, there is always the need for more. Therefore, wounded veterans charities are always looking for donations and many are even willing to pick up clothing donations if they are available.

In addition to helping struggling and disabled United States veterans, donating your used clothing and textiles can save the earth from more unnecessary pollution. Even if you have torn or tattered clothing that is no longer useful, it can still be saved from the landfill through recycling. In fact, anywhere from 90% to 99% (there seems to be yet another factual discrepancy there) of used clothing and textiles can be recycled, which means less pollution and fewer wasted natural resources.

Unfortunately, only around 15% of discarded clothing is ever recovered for reuse or recycling purposes. With that being said, why don’t we join hands, raise our voices in song, and come together as a harmonious, patriotic collective and help our financially struggling veterans!

It is simply a travesty that the U.S. government does more for lazy, shiftless civilians who are perfectly capable of flipping burgers, washing dishes, mowing lawns, shoveling driveways, and even writing SEO than for veterans who put their lives on the limbs for their country. At least we, the American People, can make a difference by donating our used clothing to these fine folks.

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