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Extend a Helping Hand for the Holidays How to Give Back the Right Way

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Donations for non profit organizations
This holiday season, there are plenty of families and children in need of warm winter clothing and other assistance. If you’ve been thinking of cleaning out your closets or cupboards and donating, now is the time to do it! For children in need clothing can be a huge gift and you can know that you helped someone in need simply by giving away what you didn’t want. It’s a win-win for everyone — families get warm clothes that are in good condition and you create more space and less clutter in your own home. You also save that material from ending up in a landfill or dump somewhere.
Does Donating Really Help? Believe it or not, if you donate clothing or other household items, it keeps those items in the consumer loop and prevents them from just being thrown away. Abo

Why You Should Give to Charity

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Charity foundations
When trying to find a charity to support it can be difficult to choose because there seem to be so many. So what are the best charities to donate to? Most charities can be broken down into seven groups. We will go over them in this article.
  1. Animal charities. This includes wildlife conservation organizations, pet an animal welfare organizations, hunting and fishing conservation groups, and zoos and aquariums.
  2. Environmental charities. The two main subgroups for this kind of charity is environmental conservation and protection and parks and nature centers.
  3. Community development charities. This would include things such as fundraising organizations, community foundations and housing and neighborhood development.
  4. International organiza