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The Top Five Edible Plants, and Three Tips for Making Sure Your Garden Thrives

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Hampton roads landscaper
“To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul,” the English poet Alfred Austin once said. Gardening has been a popular hobby throughout the ages, and it’s been picking up traction in recent years. People are looking for inexpensive hobbies, ways to pay less for fresh produce, and have an increased interest in knowing where their food comes from, and how it was raised.
About 55 million households have tried growing edible plants in the past four years. Sometimes, growing vegetables, fruits and herbs isn’t as intuitive as people would think. Like with anything, there is a learning curve, as well as helpful tips and tricks that can help you avoid easy mistakes. Here are a few edible landscaping tips for beginners.
The Top Five Easiest Edible Plants to Grow: Great S

Three Benefits of Adding Shoji Screens to Your Home

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Shoji screens and doors
Did you know that Shoji screens were commonly used in Japanese homes in the 16th century? Shoji screens are door or room dividers that consist of semitransparent paper and a wood frame. Shoji screens have been an important part of Japanese architecture for five centuries, and they are now commonly used in home settings. There are several benefits of using Shoji screens, as they are a great addition to nearly any home. 1. Versatile. Shoji screens are used for a variety of purposes. Sliding Shoji screens, for example, are commonly used

Apartment Hunting in Rapid City? Read This First!

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Apartments in rapid city
No matter what apartment you live in, from luxury apartments to regular ones, good landlords make all the difference. They can make or break your living experience. Good landlords are willing to take care of any issues that might arise in your apartment, resolve them in a timely fashion, and always be available to contact with any questions or concerns. So if you are looking for Rapid City apartments in South Dakota, keep this in mind. While you are apartment hunting, also consider finding an apartment that gives you the best experience of Rapid City possible. The city is known for being the second largest in South Dakota, and offers

How Do I Qualify For a Mortgage Loan?

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Lowest mortgage rates
As a first time home buyer, you may be wondering with some trepidation, “How do I qualify for a mortgage loan?” Thankfully, it’s not quite as scary as you might think. Lenders do want to work with you. They ask a lot of questions not in the hope of denying you the best mortgage rates, but because they really do want to get you a mortgage. Before you try to buy a home, it’s important to work with lenders to determine whether the mortgage interest rates you qualify for are actually large enough to get the h

Looking for a New Home or Vacation Spot? What About a Condo?

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Luxury penthouse
Are you thinking about relocating to a new place due to an employment opportunity or retirement? Maybe you just need a new vacation spot. Either way, you may want to consider condo investment property. But what are condos exactly? Whether you are looking specifically for vacation condos, condos for lease, or luxury condos for sale, they are comprised of individual apartments that share a community space such as a garden or a pool. They are often conveniently located near stores, shops, and places of employment, and they usually require very little yard work on the parts of the residents. Part of finding the condominium, however, has a lot to do with finding the right real estate agent first. the

Learn about Log Cabins and the Rustic Style Influence on Home Decor and Furnishings

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Rustic barn wood furniture
In the early 1600s, when Swedish settlers brought building customs from their home country, log cabin influences came to North America. Today, log cabin furnishings and homes are still very popular in North America, and the style has been labeled as the “rustic” design. Rustic furniture was originally made from whatever natural materials were in the greatest supply, and often used by the less-fortunate as items of trade for food and even cash. The son of Frank Lloyd Wright, a famous American architect and interior designer who designed more than 1000 structures actually invented the popular children’s toy known as Lincoln Logs after the log cabin design, and in 1999 Lincoln L

Looking For Lakefront Living?

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Real estate condos for sale
Finding that perfect lakefront real estate is starting to make its way onto many bucket lists. As you start searching through the real estate listings, it might be time to consult with a real estate agent to help you find the perfect lakefront homes for sale. Depending on your needs and preferences, locating the best realtor might allow you to find hidden gems you would not otherwise have found from online real estate listings. Since lakefront homes can be all across the board in terms