Important Church Upgrades to Keep Members Satisfied

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Designs tend to come and go throughout history. You can usually identify this pattern with household designs or clothing trends. One decade, a specific household design will be extremely common, but within a couple of years, it is considered outdated. The same design pattern is seen in businesses and specifically, church designs. Churches may find it more difficult to keep up with the current designs and trends, but doing so could be important to overall church membership success. Fortunately, you can update your church, keeping up with the trends, without having to complete an entire remodel every couple of years.

Change out the carpet every couple of years
Most churches are designed with carpet floors. Something about the carpeted floor just improves the overall comfort o

Out With the Old, In With the New Church Pews

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Antique church pews for sale
According to Gallup research, 40% of Americans across the nation are admittedly very religious, stating that religion plays an integral part of their daily lives and they attend religious services every week or every other week. While many churches want to keep the original pews in their place of worship to maintain that authentic, historic quality for as long as possible, it becomes impractical to keep them when the pews begin to fall apart. Just like any other furniture, years of wear and tear can take a toll on your church furniture. Like any other building, you want to make sure that your church remains clean, well-furnished and comfortable for those who visit. This can be a hard goal to achieve with outdated, Continue Reading No Comments

Creating an Appropriate Aesthetic Space For Your Place of Worship

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As a priest or minister, you are most likely aware that, according to a Gallup poll, the 40% of people residing in the United States who consider themselves to be “very religious” experience a statistically greater level of happiness than less religious Americans. Some portion of this exceptional degree of contentment may be a result of the sense of community within which church going fosters. Though a number of church goers report enjoying and being spiritually moved by services held in churches with the most uncomfortable church furniture, bumpy, hard, prickly, or uneven church furniture is tough on many elderly parishioners. Thus, church furniture restoration is an excellent option when it comes to creating a place of worship where the flock is at ease. Luckily, installing better, more comfortable church