Out With the Old, In With the New Church Pews

Antique church pews for sale

According to Gallup research, 40% of Americans across the nation are admittedly very religious, stating that religion plays an integral part of their daily lives and they attend religious services every week or every other week.

While many churches want to keep the original pews in their place of worship to maintain that authentic, historic quality for as long as possible, it becomes impractical to keep them when the pews begin to fall apart.

Just like any other furniture, years of wear and tear can take a toll on your church furniture. Like any other building, you want to make sure that your church remains clean, well-furnished and comfortable for those who visit. This can be a hard goal to achieve with outdated, antique church pews.

Choosing to replace or renovate church pews not only will make your place of worship look even more beautiful, but visitors can listen to sermons without the distraction of rotting wood, fading paint chips or just plain uncomfortable seating. Here are some tips and tricks to think about when deciding to upgrade to new seating in your parish.

What to Do When Trying to Get New Church Pews Installed:

  • It may surprise you that the first pews were introduced in the 13th century. They started off as removable stone benches placed against church walls. You want to make sure that your parishioners no longer feel like they are sitting and kneeling on hard stone. Look for options that offer a little more comfort and durability for your visitors.
  • A good idea for a fundraiser is to advertise “church pews for sale.” Many religious individuals look to buy church pews for their own homes. Antique pews can often be viewed as sacred collectibles and are popular additions to one’s home, usually in a seating area or entrance way. Having a fundraiser with church pews for sale is a great way to make sure that the pews will be used by someone who really wants them and you can raise money for new pews. It’s a win win for both parties.
  • You may ask yourself, “Where can I possibly find church pews?” After all, church pews aren’t generally a hot commodity to acquire in society. Luckily, there still is a small niche of businesses that deal exclusively with the transportation and installation of new church pews. Look online and in your local area to see what services are within your budget.

After you have your used church pews for sale and you install new ones, you will be happy to notice how much of a difference they make in the overall “feel” of your church.

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