Important Church Upgrades to Keep Members Satisfied

Courtroom benches

Designs tend to come and go throughout history. You can usually identify this pattern with household designs or clothing trends. One decade, a specific household design will be extremely common, but within a couple of years, it is considered outdated. The same design pattern is seen in businesses and specifically, church designs. Churches may find it more difficult to keep up with the current designs and trends, but doing so could be important to overall church membership success. Fortunately, you can update your church, keeping up with the trends, without having to complete an entire remodel every couple of years.

Change out the carpet every couple of years
Most churches are designed with carpet floors. Something about the carpeted floor just improves the overall comfort of the church area. Changing carpet is affordable, but can result in a drastic aesthetic change. The carpet also does not usually have much meaning or historical background, making it fairly simple to change every couple of years. New carpet will make the church look fresh and clean and will keep church goers coming back.

Remember to freshen paint
The paint in churches is usually neutral and light. It is not meant to draw attention to any specific church wall, as there are other, more important parts of the church. However, this does not mean that you cannot freshen the paint. Keep record of the paint colors and apply a new coat every couple of years. Over time, paint can get dull and can make a church look old and outdated. Applying a fresh coat of paint can update and clean up the church?s interior.

Update the church pews
Church pews are rarely updated. While some antique church pews can have historical significance, many are just outdated and not replaced enough. Today, there are many different types of church pews for sale. Some church pews have bench like cushioned seating, and hassocks or footrests, while others are simple affairs made of wood. Additionally, the church pews that you may consider to be antique were probably not even the original pews made. In fact, the first pews were introduced in the 13th century when removable stone benches were placed against church walls.

Updating the church pews is another great way to improve the overall look of the church. You will also be improving the comfort of your church goers, increasing church attendance and church membership. You can buy church pews for sale in many different types of wood. You can also purchase church pews for sale with different amounts of padding for added comfort.

Update the church steeple for major renovations
If you are looking for a more lasting or drastic update, you might consider updating the church steeple design. Although this project is more expensive, it will produce greater design results. The steeple of the church tends to be a main focal point, so it is important to choose a new design with careful consideration. If your current church steeple has historical meaning, you can hold onto this significance by putting up church steeple pictures throughout the new one. Church members can reminisce with the photographs, remembering when they attended church within the older steeple.

A large portion of the United States considers themselves to be minimally, somewhat religious. According to Gallup, 68% of Americans claim that they attend church services at least occasionally. However, with so many church options to choose from today, churches need to understand and meet their member?s needs to keep membership numbers up. This means keeping up with trend changes and making regular changes to the overall design of the church, including new carpet, fresh paint, new church pews for sale, and eventually, a new church steeple.

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