Care for Those in Need — Donate Your Clothes to Charity

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Doing a little bit of good and making a difference in this world can always be a source of feeling good about yourself. Making charitable donations is a great, fulfilling way of leaving your mark on this world by doing a good deed and helping families in need.

If you want to contribute towards improving some lives, clothing donations are a good way to help out. Clothing can easily be recycled and reused, and can be directly transferred to families that need them or sold to create sources of financial aid. In 2007 alone, charitable clothing donations accounted for about $5.8 billion of aid for those in need. You too can make your mark, and even wi

Consider Charitable Clothing Donations For the Nation’s Poor and Homeless

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Homelessness in the United States has always been a major concern for government officials and the public alike. Though it may not be fair to say that homelessness has reached an all-time high, it is still a devastating problem throughout the country. The Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that more than 600,000 people at any given night are without a home to go to. For those 600,000 people — a quarter of whom are children — charitable clothing donations go a long way.
Donating clothes to charity truly provides support for those who, for various reasons, cannot help themselves. The homeless are some of the most vulnerable members of our society. Without the kindness of stra

Clothing Donations for Veterans Three Reasons to Support Military Members and Their Families

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Did you know that Americans throw away between 12 and 13 million tons of clothing each year? Clothing and textiles are some of the easiest materials to recycle, and yet they wind up in the landfill in staggering amounts. And the worst part is that there are individuals and families throughout the country who could use these items instead.
One population that could use clothing donations are veterans and their families. Helping military families and the brave men and women who have served in our country is a great way to give back to your community. Additionally, clothing donations for veterans are easy to give because all they require is cleaning out the closet.
There are several ways