American Agriculture How to Contribute to this Historic American Industry

Cattle ranch

Agriculture has long been a defining feature of our species. The first archaeological evidence of agriculture dates back to over 11,500 years ago in the Mediterranean region where wild barley, wheat and lentils were cultivated among other crops. Today there is agriculture in all 50 of the U.S. states with different crops and livestock adapting to the climate of each state. Due to its abundance of natural resources and the healthy condition of the land, the U.S. has always been primed to emerge as one of the world’s leaders in agriculture; statistics from 2011 show that the United States agriculture industry generated over $374 billion and employed over 750 thousand farmers, ranchers, and other agriculturalists across the country.

The History of Our Land

Early European colonists were the first to import their livestock to America, causing significant changes to the land. New crops, new livestock, and new invasive species all came along with the Europeans; naturally this resulted in the endangerment and extinction of dozens of indigenous American species. Over time, agriculture found its place in the United States with the introduction and broad adoption of scientific agriculture as of the mid-19th century. Although scientific agriculture resulted in a significant economic growth for the United States, the Great Depression and Dust Bowl caused many areas of farms and cattle ranches to become abandoned and later incorporated into national forests. Today the agricultural industry is as strong as ever with hundreds of Americans looking to start their own life as a farmer or rancher. Since the value of farming and ranching land in the United States amounts to around $2 trillion, it has never been a better time to try your hand at farming.

Settling on Pristine Farm Land

With over 2.2 million farms in the United States, chances are there is a farm that is right for you somewhere. It is estimated that the United States has a combined 920 million acres of farmland; the average farm in the U.S. is around 435 acres. California is one of the nation’s leaders in agriculture; the state produces 66 crops including but not limited to almonds, artichokes, dates, figs, kiwi fruit, olives, raisins, peaches, pistachios, pomegranates, rice, walnuts, prunes, and of course oranges. The three most profitable agricultural exports from California include almonds, dairy and dairy products, and Californian wine. All together, California produces the most revenue for agriculture of any state with Iowa, Texas, Nebraska, and Illinois trailing closely behind. For those looking to settle on their own farm, once you decide on which crops to focus on you can get started sowing your seeds and growing your own agriculture.

Finding a Cattle Ranch for Sale

Cattle have long been a part of the United States thanks in no small part to the spaghetti westerns that depicted the cowboy as an American legend. That legend lives on today as one can find a cattle ranch for sale all across the Great Plains. Montana in particular is known nation-wide for its ranches; in order to keep up with population growth, there is an increasing demand for hard workers to buy a cattle ranch for sale and start their new life as a cowboy or a cowgirl. Keep in mind that ranchers must recognize that they can make a significant impact on the environment; always leave some greenery when finding grazing areas for your cattle, as over-grazing could compromise the ecosystem’s balance.

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