The Future Has Already Arrived You Can Donate Without Getting Up From Your Couch!

Clothing drop off locations

You can use your phone to do just about anything these days — can you use it to donate used clothing as well? In Florida, this might just be possible in the near future.

According to Public News Service, the state Capitol is considering a ?Suits for Session? organization — lawmarkers, nonprofit agencies, and state employees can donate new or gentle used professional clothing. This clothing will then be given to individuals looking to re-enter the job market — but perhaps cannot afford to look the part just yet.

One Time Event Uses Uber

For now, it will likely be a one time event, and anyone in the area will be able to take part through use of Uber, a global ridesharing app and service. The service will help to prevent appropriate clothing from being an obstacle to employment — something many people living in or close to poverty report experiencing.

While this may seem like something that won?t come to your city anytime soon, the truth is, donation pickups are a service that already exist around the country! There are many charitable organizations that are willing to meet you halfway. It can be difficult to find the time — or sometimes, the ability to transport — the things you want to donate. But donating is important. Charitable donations not only helps keep items out of landfills, but can also help to serve local charities.

What You Need to Keep in Mind When Contributing Local Clothing Donations

If you want to receive a tax write off for your donations, you?ll need to support a group that files for tax-exempt service under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. If you plan on deducting more than $500 than you will need a qualified appraisal submitted with your tax return for the IRS. You may be surprised by how much some of your items are worth in a tax write off! A coffee maker, for example, can be worth as much as $15 in a tax write off. So long as you are not lying about estimated value, you will likely be okay.

When you’re on the fence between donating your used items or posting them to Craigslist, consider this: local clothing donations are a great way to support and get to know your community. Get more info here. Continue reading here.

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